Here's What You Missed From The Game Awards 2015

4 December 2015, 12:13 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:12

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

It was streamed live on Twitch!

One of the biggest and highly anticipated Award ceremonies in the gaming industry took place last night. But don't worry if you didn't have tickets to the exclusive show because Twitch have you covered with the entire show broadcasted LIVE from Los Angeles, California.

However, following on from Twitch's central desire to enhance the experience of live streamed gaming, they have done the unthinkable: the sharing of their video/broadcast is completely copyright free to repurpose for other content. Not shocked? Let us remind you that this is a million dollar company much like Nintendo which got it's knickers in a twist about YouTubers simply PLAYING one of their games for an audience.

After the broadcast last night, broadcasters can now use the archived content from the Awards either from Twitch or the Playstation Experience for use on their own channels across the website. Some examples of it's use would either be in the form of simple rebroadcasting or as commentary material for podcast/videocasts. This comes as another point for Twitch in the great Twitch vs YouTube Gaming debate we had on the site earlier this week - check it out if you want to see the standings.

It's at this point in the article we stop talking about Twitch and it's marvelous medicine for Corporate greed and give you a brief round-up of some of The Game Award highlights. I'll give you one last chance to leave if you're not interested. No? Want to read more? Okay, here's a gif of Markiplier to pinpoint the change of article direction. Hopefully I'll see most of you on the other side...

GAMES. ALL THE GAMES WON MOST OF THE AWARDS. The big winner of the evening was Witcher 3, which scooped up Game of the Year amidst cries of 'Don't let it be Fallout!' as well as Best Role Playing Game. However, the main draw to the awards came from the sheer amount of world exclusive trailers were released.

Below are some of the most hotly anticipated games coming to a console/PC near you, so watch them all close and begin saving your pennies!


  • A new Batman game by TellTale, the geniuses behind The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones episodic game series.


  • Far Cry Primal comes to us in February 2016 following the critically praised Far Cry 3. Prepare yourself to become the next Beast Master.


  • And out of absolutely no where, Psychonauts 2 was announced with a preview trailer to hype everyone up for their crowdsourcing campaign. It obviously did the job as the site had raised over $44o,000 just an hour and a half after the show.