People On Twitter Are Editing MattyB’s Grounded Sign And It's So Dumb But So Funny

6 October 2016, 11:33 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

The internet has been editing MattyB's 'grounded' sign with different messages because of course they have. Here are the most ridiculous examples

Internet icon MattyBRaps was recently grounded, in what turned out to be a bit of viral marketing for some new song he is releasing. Matty famously announced his 'grounding' by tweeting out a picture of himself holding a sign with the info written on it. Here it is for reference:

By doing this, Matty directly ignored Rule #257 of the internet: 'never post a picture of yourself holding a sign because people will immediately edit what the sign says it will be hilarious for everyone (except you).". The internet is anything if not predictable and so, right on cue, twitter users began immediately editing new messages onto Matty's sign - basically all of them offensive. We've selected a few highlights here. Some are a little controversial, but we stopped short at the ones that contained literal swastikas because come on guys we're all better than that:


1. Matty Becomes A Communist

I'm guessing the guy who made this isn't a fan

Matty gets uncharacteristically political

FFS come on dude 

This one is pretty damn minimalist


This seemingly handsome guy used it as a chance for some self promotion

And of course there was YouTube humour