The Incredible Story Of How The Phandom Dominated Our Awards

1 December 2015, 15:42 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:12

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

The incredible story of how the Phandom dominated our awards

Well folks, it happened. Despite the most incredible efforts of the Phandom, Phil finished the semi-finals of our awards with 1% more votes than Dan. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, first I commend you for clicking on an article that had a title you didn't understand - we need more curious adventurers like you if we're ever going to stop the this world turning into the planet of the apes. Second, let me explain: We are currently in the middle of voting for our Unicorns YouTuber Of The Year 2015.


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During our recent semi-final, the Phandom caught wind that we had placed Dan and Phil on the list separately (as opposed to as a duo) because we feed off chaos and division they have their own separate channels - and let me tell you, they were having none of that. That is when they set off on a mission that was frankly stunning to behold. For the entire time we had the poll running, members of the Phandom would strategically vote in order keep Dan and Phil exactly balanced in the votes. Exactly. The. Same.



The quiz software limits everyone to a vote each and try as we might (and believe me, we did not try very hard at all), we couldn't figure out a way to beat that system. This means that the entire thing must have been done through sheer co-ordination. When you bear in mind that it was a percentage-based quiz, meaning that any votes given to other contestants would throw things off, the fact that the Phandom managed to consistently keeps this up is mind-boggling.


Here At Unicorns, We Were Blown Away

Here's a selection of quotes from your beloved Unicorn staff about the voting:

Charleyy: "I fear we do not fully grasp the extent of the Phandom’s power"

Hollie"My favourite Dam is the one in Amsterdam and my favourite film is The Aristocats.... Oh, you said DAN AND PHIL?! Yeah... Cool"

LiamLong ago I fled to the woods to escape the Phandom but their influence was far too great. They found me soon after, and they howl and pound on the door of my cabin night after night."

Nessa: "I was heartbroken Oli White didn't make the cut."

Benedict: "Hello, I'm the one writing this article so it seems strange to include a quote from me but hey, what are you going to do?"


But Now A New Era Begins

The Awards have moved into their final stage - the final stage. This is the big one, the winner of this poll will be crowned The Unicorns YouTuber of the Year 2015. You have the chance to make history - but you only have one vote, so make it count! We will reveal the winner later this month: