Vegan 101: What To Buy At The Supermarket

28 September 2015, 14:19 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Whether you're a slave to Maccy Ds, a super fussy eater who'll only eat orange food or just a regular person with a penchant for biscuits, we sometimes all run out of supermarket inspiration. Be real, how many times in the last six months have you had jacket potato with beans for dinner? 1100? Sounds about right.

If you're thinking of shaking up your diet and going vegan- whether for ethical, health or taste reasons- it can be super hard to know where to begin. What milk alternative should you go for? How are you supposed to live without cheese? And what do you eat for lunch and dinner day in, day out? Step forward the supermarket hauls! Showing off what groceries you've bought is common practise on YouTube and they're surprisingly addictive! Ever peeked into someone else's trolley and felt envious when you spot their halloumi or posh biscuits? We know it's not just us.

So when it comes to vegan supermarket hauls, they're a great place to start to see what goes into living the vegan life and get some ideas on what to cook up. We've done the hard work for you and found some of our favourite supermarket hauls which rubbish the age old stereotype of vegans just eating tofu and mung beans!

The essentials

If you're stuck on what basics to stock up on, Anastajia's video shows what to put on your list first. And the Snickers-inspired bars? PUT THEM IN OUR MOUTHS NOW!


The Asian Inspired Haul

If you know Lily Melrose from her fashion and beauty channel, be sure to check her second channel where she often uploads her daily diet. If you love Asian food, you can get some great ideas from this video as Lily shows us what she's bought to make a delicious pho dish. And yes, the Oreos are vegan too!


The "Those Things Are Seriously Vegan?!" Haul

The Every Day Vegan cuts all the usual vegetables and essentials from his haul and gets straight to the good stuff with the treats and yummy foods that are surprisingly vegan. Thought you'd be restricted with your diet? Think again!


The Dairy Alternative Haul

If you're a chocolate addict, love a cold glass of milk and can't imagine life without a huge chunk of cheese then be sure to watch Kiera's video... She's even managed to convince her meat-loving boyfriend that vegan food is delish!


The Junk Food Haul

Who can deny themselves a night or two per week where it's all about the junk food? If your idea of Heaven is meal of french fries followed by an entire cake and a bit of cookie dough then look no further. Channon's video talks about the preconceptions of the vegan lifestyle and how a lot of people think it's so healthy that it's boring... But then you spot those chocolate cupcakes and realise it's far from it!

Got a favourite vegan YouTube channel? Let us know in the comments below!