10 Video Games Guaranteed to Grow (Or Ruin) Your YouTube Channel

14 December 2016, 14:26 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:23

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

We've got the hook up for you.

Thinking of starting your own YouTube channel? Feeling in a bit of a rutt about what game to play next? Scared of playing a game that might ruin your reputation on YouTube? If any of these apply to you, then we might have a solution with our roundup of the 10 best games to try out on your channel. So listen closely!

This list is entirely subjective and we'd honestly watch anything you uploaded to YouTube, but if you want to find out about a couple of new games to branch out into then we've got the answer here. Heads up, just be careful about playing a game that could ruin your theme or aesthetic - and especially be careful of our final game(s) on this list. Messing with that could genuinely ruin a lot of things for you!


The Sims (Or Any Simulation Game, Really).

This first one is fairly explanatory. The Sims is just a huge open world begging for people to explore and go crazy in - and is certain to be an enjoyable game to play AND watch. Whether you want to be an interior designer, create your own nuclear family or just cause complete anarchy in your hometown, we're certain there's someone out there wanting to watch your creative vision on YouTube. Plus the game is hardly a drain on your computer's processing power, so it's easily one of the best games to record/stream if you're a beginner.




Overwatch was literally only released in 2016 and has already taken over the world. After winning Game Of The Year at the annual Game Awards and becoming one of the most spectated eSports titles on Twitch in addition to the professional gaming industry as a whole, Overwatch is the game on everybody's wish list. With 23 playable characters (or heroes) and a loveable sense of humour thanks to the developers over at Blizzard, Overwatch is the video game people are positively thirsty watch more of. So whether you're the best Widowmaker player or just got a sick 23 kill streak with Bastion, your Overwatch LP would sit perfectly on your YouTube channel.



Grand Theft Auto V.

This one is just self-explanatory. Look at the GIF below... with all the mods and constantly updating online features, Grand Theft Auto V is pretty much turning into the perfect YouTube game. Did you know there's an entire section of YouTube dedicated to people using a mod that turns you into the Hulk?! Yeah, people go crazy for Grand Theft Auto V videos and there's no reason why your hilarious playthrough can't be another big hitter. Even if it's just a montage of all the glitchy stuff you've done in the game, people like PewDiePie have got MILLIONS of views from those types of videos. (he does have 50 million subscribers tho...)



Planet Coaster.

Actually, this goes for most tycoon games, but this is just the one taking over Steam and the gaming industry as a whole right now. We all played Rollercoaster Tycoon when we were younger, and maybe even Sim City, but now there's a new game on the market combining both of these gaming powerhouses to let you build theme parks like never before... Planet Coaster! The most important thing to note here is that the game is relatively new (released November 17th 2016) and is seemingly trendy/popular on YouTube currently. You might as well create some of the crazy coasters this world has ever seen and get your video seen by a highly engaged audience!



Just, Indie Games In General.

This is a tough sell, because typically small and lesser known games won't kick up a huge surge of views to your channel, however... there can be exceptions to the rule. Some titles such as The Stanley Parable, Limbo, The Binding of Isaac and even Goat Simulator all started out as unheard of indie games until people on YouTube played them more - and suddenly they became propelled to a higher level of popularity. The other great thing about indie games is that quite often they can be multiplayer titles like Overcooked or even Agar.io - so what are you waiting for?! Go diving for some cheap indie games!



Actually, Make That Brand New Horror Games Too.

You knew this was coming, right? What games propelled PewDiePie into stardom? Horror games. What games continually get millions of views for the likes of Markiplier and JackSepticEye? Horror games. And finally, what genre of video game allows players to get so mentally immersed in a story that they can literally jump out of their seats on camera? Horror games! Oh, and don't worry about playing Five Night's At Freddy's or Amnesia because they've been done to death. Keep your eyes on new releases and try to play new horror games as they come out - people will be searching YouTube for how "scary" new horror games are, and they'll probably stumble straight into you!



.exe Games.

This is in a similar vein to playing horror games, but instead of playing straight up terrifying games, try to find the ones that make zero sense and exist purely as "creepypasta". These games are designed as versions of beloved icons such as Sonic or even Spongebob Squarepants and are full of jump scares, distorted graphics, sound bites and totally unexplained narratives. Some games mess with your computer and some just mess with your mind, but either way, it's a genre of video games that is largely unnoticed by the masses on YouTube.



And Finally, Anything Reportedly Full Of Glitches.

If you don't wanna be scared out your freaking mind, and find games like The Sims or Planet Coaster absolute drivel... then play a game that doesn't work! Games such as Skate 3 and Goat Simulator are some of the buggiest games on the market and a genuine reaction to their madness is like gold dust on YouTube. Garry's Mod, Sonic '06 and Big Rigs: Over The World Racing are some of the most naturally glitchy games on the market, and could create a genuine buzz around a YouTube channel daring to play through them all!



Wanna know which two games could 100% ruin your YouTube channel?

1. Minecraft.

Look, Minecraft is a wonderful game adored by adults and children all over the planet. But that's the problem... it's literally all over YouTube. The platform is positively over-saturated with Minecraft videos, LP's and tutorials so much so that anything else you try to add to the narrative will more than likely be unseen and will ruin your buzz. Unless you're doing something spell-binding or have spent 600 hours reconstructing something that will 100% go viral... I wouldn't worry about playing Minecraft on YouTube.



2. Anything by Nintendo.

This is such a hard thing to say, but honestly don't play Nintendo games on YouTube - or at least, seriously think about it first. Even though the developers at Nintendo are some of the most creative, innovative and downright best people on the planet, the control they have over their content is unbelievable. If your videos aren't made WITH Nintendo, they will smack your channel with a Copyright Strike, and if you do work with them to create games on their "white list", you can still expect them to cover your video in ads and keep a healthy chunk of your ad revenue. It's easier just to avoid them. Honestly, you have to give them your PayPal account and everything. Getting on the wrong side of Nintendo could ruin your channel for good.