10 Viral Videos You Won’t Believe Are Turning 10 Years Old

25 November 2015, 14:21 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

If you don't want to feel like the oldest person in the world, please do yourself a favour and look away now.

Age is a cruel and twisted mistress. You dream of milestone ages of your life when you can drink away your sorrows or vote in your country's strange political systems, but what happens when you finally reach your age goals and suddenly youth is spiraling away beneath your feet? You go on YouTube and reminisce, that's what.

With YouTube hitting the grand old age of 10, it means that from now until the end of time (or this particular social media platform at least) all of our favourite 'old' videos will be getting progressively older and more nostalgic.

Let's kick off the feels for the next decade by discovering together which of the 10 most iconic viral videos will be turning 10 in 2016. Brace yourself for impact, old age is coming.


AFRO NINJA (January 17th 2006)

Before Star Wars Nerd and long LONG before Vine, this man was auditioning for a Nike commercial when his backflip went horribly wrong. A video that literally never stops being funny, especially when he tries to stand back up and swing his nunchucks around. YouTube gold here people.


EVOLUTION OF DANCE (April 6th 2006)

Did you know that Judson Laipply (the beautiful dancing cinnamon roll in this video) holds the achievement for the first YouTube channel to hit 100k subscribers? Well you do know. Take that handy bit of internet trivia into future where it may hopefully be asked in a pub quiz in 2043. You'll win for sure.


LONELYGIRL15 (June 16th 2006)

Well, this one short video went on a viral rollercoaster. Presented as the first of our favourite 'vloggers', it eventually came out as fictional and that everything and everyone in the production was fake and scripted. However, we hear Lonelygirl15 is doing fine and enjoys playing hockey.


LOOK AT THAT HORSE (July 10th 2006)

Absolutely ridiculous. One of the original videos to fit into the 'fail' category as an infomercial salesperson tries desperately hard to sell you a picture of a horse. It's definitely a horse. I'm convinced. I'd buy that camera to take pictures of horses. Only horses though.


CRAZY FROG BROS (July 16th 2006)

We can't even with this video. WHO IS THE FUNNIEST TO WATCH?! A planet divided as we can't actually decide whether the over-confident lip-sync slayer at the front steals the show, or the lanky red-shirt dancing fool grabs the title for his innovative moves. Honestly, there should be an entrance exam for the internet in which they ask this question.


LEEROY JENKINS (August 6th 2006)

A cultural meme not just on World of Warcraft, but the entire world in general. Leeroy has come to represent one of the most iconic moments of the gaming world with multiple references made to it within other media such as Duke Nukem Forever, Mass Effect and even South Park. God damn it Leeroy!


MOST T-SHIRTS WORN AT ONCE (September 28th 2006)

This man put 100 extra pounds worth of t-shirts onto his body for our enjoyment nearly 10 years ago. The worst thing is that this record was shattered in 2011, but we'll always remember the original. The true Guinness World Record holder.


SNEEZING BABY PANDA (November 6th 2006)

This video cannot be 10 years old. We absolutely refuse. But then again, we can't remember a time of the internet in which this video didn't exist! There's an existential crisis coming here...


NUMA NUMA (December 11th 2006)

This literally needs no introduction. The Numa Numa guy is a YouTube legend and we hope that when we write an article 10 years into the future about viral videos turning 20, we're still talking about him. Long live Numa Numa guy.


DICK IN A BOX (December 16th 2006)

Let's get this straight: I straight up refuse to believe that this video is 10 years old next year. It's not true. I'm still wearing ballet flats and painting my nails black. It's 2006 and everything is right in the world. WHY!?