Dear Beauty Vloggers, Can You Stop With These Sh*t Hacks Already

27 April 2017, 08:14 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:40

Beauty vloggers

By Hollie-Anne Brooks


If you've clicked on this article, it's likely you're a bit of a beauty fan or at least like watching others do it. Like us, there's no trend from the world of "beauty hacks" that you won't at the very least consider. You know the joy of discovering a new concealer that covers those time-of-the-month breakouts, or a mascara that gives you serious Bambi lashes and you also know the pain that comes with an extensive routine (especially cleaning makeup brushes...)

All the above may may explain why there's a beauty trend for people using anything but brushes, and trying out all sorts of wacky hacks instead.

beauty hacks

Here's a list of "beauty hacks" that just make us say no.


No. And ew.


Chicken Fillet Cleavage Enhancers

For your bra, not yo' face.



If you're going to insist on this, PLEASE make sure the sock is clean.


A Kitchen Sponge

Can you imagine applying it with the scratchy side? Ouch!


A Vibrator

Absolutely not made for applying makeup.





Actual Testicles.

This will probably make you be a bit sick in your mouth.

Where will these beauty hacks end?!