Here's Why Snapchat Might Take Over Vlogging

14 June 2016, 16:34 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:17

We the Unicorns

By Gemma Bentley

Is Snapchat Becoming The New YouTube?

Whether it's Snapchat taking over YouTube hauls or more people using the phone app than ever, tghe debate continues about Snapchat and how YouTubers can use it to their best advantage. It is hard to find a vlogger who isn't on Snapchat and who uses it as an extension of their channels. The instant nature of the app takes out the filming setup and editing process - and cost - resulting in a more realistic insight into our fave YouTubers lives.

Vlogs on YouTube seem to gradually becoming longer and longer and arguably, more self indulgent. (Zoella's vlogs have gone from being nine minutes when she first started MoreZoella, to 25 minutes). Half an hour of seeing what someone gets up to on a day to day basis can be a bit excessive. A lot of the more mundane parts of a vloggers day such as tidying up and letting the dog out may be more suitable to Snapchat and bring down the length of vlogs therefore making them shorter and more accessible.

However, weekly vlogs are also very popular on YouTube, which make for more of a 'highlight reel' from the week rather then "day in my life" style blogs. This format would be much harder to recreate on Snapchat and is much more exclusive to the YouTube platform. These videos still tend to be at least 20 minutes long so viewers have to take time out to watch them.  So whether it's when you're getting ready for school, on a lunch break or on the bus, lengthy vlogs are hard to watch spontaneously (or as soon as they go into your subscription box). This is what Snapchat does so well. The pressure of knowing it won't be there to watch forever makes you more likely to prioritise the app and short slips make it more convenient to watch whilst on the go and when you are having a sneaky look at your phone.

Saying that, the main advantage that YouTube has over Snapchat is that you can save it to your 'Watch Later' and can re-watch it whenever you like. We all love a throwback video and comparing 2009 Zoella to 2016 Zoella is all part of the fun. Louise Pentland aka Sprinkle of Glitter has made it very clear that one of the personal reasons she documents her life on YouTube is for the memories. Being able to look back on sweet moments between herself and her daughter Darcy is an incredibly precious thing and Snapchat just can't match that.

There are some advantages with having Snapchat stories only being available for 24 hours. Knowing the clips aren't available for everyone and for always makes the YouTuber more confident in opening up especially with no comments section below. Liv Purvis aka What Olivia Did has previously discussed how even though she discusses politics and world issues with friends she doesn't feel comfortable putting that on her blog or YouTube channel. Putting opinions on news stories alongside fashion OOTD's doesn't sit right and would make her posts random and inconsistent so instead Liv uses social media outlets to share her views.


Snapchat is ideal for those creators who want to share more intimate conversations without having them on their curated channels. With YouTube even non fans can stumble across vloggers channels but with Snapchat you have to personally select who you want to add and it is very unlikely that someone would choose to add someone they don't like or enjoy watching. This also results in YouTubers getting more comfortable around the app and letting more cheeky sides of themselves out - and for the record, drunk Snapchats always go down a treat.

Which platform do you find the most convenient to watch your fave Vloggers on?