How To Watch Rick And Morty For Free On YouTube (While You Still Can)

14 September 2017, 16:13 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

How To Watch Rick And Morty For Free On YouTube (W

By Benedict Townsend

Here's how to watch Rick and Morty for free, no strings attached

Here's a bit of a strange thing for you. In this modern, copyright-obsessed age, you'd think that Rick and Morty, undoubtedly one of the most popular shows on TV, would be impossible to get hold of online. And yet, due to a series of strange and unexplained flukes, entire episodes of the show are just openly available on YouTube.

Why? Well according to Polygon, YouTube only takes down copyrighted material when the person who owns the material makes a claim. Adult Swim, who own Rick and Morty have apparently made no moves to remove Rick and Morty from Google's video platform and so episodes of the show are, with no exaggeration, just everywhere.

There are whole episodes posted with impunity, there are even 24/7 livestream videos that literally just play Rick and Morty episodes back to back on a loop. We have no idea why a YouTube user would bother to set up a livestream (they aren't monetised), but their generosity is your gain.

So, you wanna watch Rick and Morty in a somewhat suspect way? Are you outside of the US and struggling to see the show? Then literally all you have to do is go to YouTube and search 'Rick and Morty' and whole episodes will come up for your viewing pleasure. We've never seen anything like it, and we're sure that Adult Swim will do something about it eventually, so enjoy it while it lasts. We would of course never encourage you to do this, because we here at Unicorns are good boys and girls who love copyright ?