ICYMI: Here's What's Been Happening On YouTube This Week

1 July 2016, 13:23 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:17

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

We've got your back.

Wow, it's already that time of the week; it seems as though we blinked and it's Friday again - the day where we give you the low down on everything that has happened in the YouTube World this week. We usually tend to mix things up a little bit in this weekly round-up, so be prepared to see some videos (and some YouTubers) that we haven't mentioned on the site before.

So, after some very hard decision making at Unicorns HQ, we have come up with our favourite videos of the week that we think you NEED to see.



Maybe if we could journal like Rachel we wouldn't keep forgetting what day it is. The vlogger, whose channel's tagline is 'Fashion, Beauty and Minimalist Living', really showed us how to keep our life in check this week with her Bullet Journal tutorial. She makes the whole concept of 'journalling' look so easy and it's got us here in the office waning to give it a go.



Carly Musleh showed us all this week that you don't have to have that stereotypical 'bikini bod' to look fire in these Primark bikinis. The beautiful, heavily pregnant, lifestyle guru started her most recent video by stating 'hey, the beach is for everyone of all shape, colour and sizes so lets just celebrate that'. She went on to give us one of our all time favourite kind of videos- a Primark Try On Haul.



The #DirtyThirty film trailer starts the same as any other Hollywood blockbuster and looks like every American comedy that we've ever loved. But then our favourite #GirlPower trio appeared as the main characters and we seriously couldn't wait to get our hands on it. The only way we can describe the hilarious 'Holy Trinity's' newest film venture is as a mix of Project X and all of their channels put together. The film itself isn't released until September and it will be available in selected American cinemas and in Target stores.



Tessa Violet, the vlogger and singer songwriter, teamed up with fellow YouTuber Jon Cozart this week to show off their incredible voices and their incredible french. The chose to cover 'So This Is Love' from the Disney film Cinderella, and decided to sing half of their cover in French and half in their native tongue, English and they didn't just stop there. Over on Jon's channel they covered the Jungle Book's 'I Wanna Be Like You' and that was just as amazing.



WARNING: this is not your usual beauty tutorial. If you know Kiera Rose and her YouTube channel then you will already know that the alternative vlogger is into making gothic style and beauty videos. Of course, this one is no different and what started of as a usual intro to a beauty guru tutorial, quickly turns into a scene from a horror film as Kiera soaks in her blood bath. But never fear, it's just a bath bomb, but not one from your usual Lush haul.


Suzie, aka Hello October, announced something pretty exciting this week. The beauty guru has released her very own jewellery line that she has been working on for the past year, and everything is just so beautiful. She teamed up with the brand Mejuri to create her silver and rose gold pieces as a part of her 'Petite' range and we can't wait to get our hands on it all. Make sure to check out her collection's page on the website to view all of the stunning still images that Suzie actually shot in Paris.


So, that's it for our videos of the week. Let us know in the comments what your favourite video of the week has been!