SitC Nostalgia And Fun Science! - Our YouTube Weekly Favourites

17 October 2016, 11:44 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:45

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Fun Science gets its own series and we're kicked in the feels with a Summer in the City throwback - all in a day's work for our Weekly Favourites!

It's been such a busy time at We The Unicorns HQ the past week, that we forgot to hand you our Weekly Favourites on Friday! *slaps wrist* Bad.

Luckily, our pick of the site from this past week is so good, it makes up for the lateness. We've got music, comedy, musical comedy, and even some politics and science. A mixed bag, it's just how we do. Enjoy!

Summer in the City 2016 - Official Video

How has it already been two months since this year's SitC?? We had a lot of fun interviewing creators (and dads); but if you were too, this official video from the event will  hit you right in the throwback feels.


Charlie McDonnell - Fun Science: The Series Trailer

Charlie's exciting new "Fun Science" book hits shelves this week; and accompanying it is a whole new series of videos from the man himself! Stay tuned for five episodes of "Fun Science" starring even more of your YouTube faves this week...


Hey Nadine - Things To Do When Travelling By Bus

Travel vloggers often give us a lot of tips for things to do in a new place - but what about getting there? Thankfully Nadine has some sage advice for making the most of the most boring mode of transport - bus.


Grace Helbig - Who I'm Voting For

This has been the most tense election season ever; and with creators like Casey Neistat putting the pressure on Hillary-supporting YouTubers, many are speaking out about their choice for President. Grace is just one of a few who have handled it with humour, tact, and rationality.


Gunnarolla - Reflection (Whitewashed Version)

With the Internet Hype Machine putting pressure on Disney to #MakeMulanRight, Gunnarolla decided to tackle the issue in the funniest, most musical way possible. Watch if you want to see both a wonderful "Mulan" song cover and some hard-hitting satirical comedy about Asian representation.


Tessa Violet - Not Over You

Tessa's new EP "Halloway" debuted on Friday, and we're obsessed with the new pop vibes she's putting out into the world. And the video for second track "Not Over You" is the most fun, feel-good, professional af music video we've seen since "Dream"!