The Videos You Need To See This Week: Fish Doughnuts, Rocket Boots And Designer Bags

19 August 2016, 14:35 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:19

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

This weekend was literal fire.

Despite the fact we spent the whole of last weekend at Summer In The City and have been utterly exhausted ever since, we've had time to watch some incredible YouTube videos and we have to say... this week has been amazing for brand new stuff.

From rocket boots to cake, we've got you covered with everything you might have missed this week.


MIRANDA SINGS - American Eats British Treats And Sweets

As a team of journalists based in the UK, we basically live off the snacks Miranda tries in her latest videos. So not only did this video make us laugh a lot but it also gave us a huge craving for a Lion bar. Mmmm!


FABULOUS HANNAH - 18 Things I've Learned In 18 Years

The gorgeous Fabulous Hannah turned 18 recently and to celebrate, she shot this beautiful video filled with handy tips for life.



In the UK it's exam results season, which means school students, college students and university students are biting their nails as they find out exactly how well they did. It can be a terrifying time but luckily Melanie and Hannah are on hand with 15 top tips for getting through it all.


KICK THE PJ - How To Make Rocket Boots

This week, PJ tried to make himself go go gadget faster by strapping rocket jets to his favourite shoes. SPOILERS: It’s just some paint and some tiny cardboard bird houses, but he ends up travelling through the space time continuum, so maybe it works.


CASPAR LEE - Cooking With Mom Fail

We caught up with Caspar this week who mentioned that he's having a little feud with his mum - this video explains exactly why.


HELEN ANDERSON - My Vinyl Collection... So Far

We chaired the travel panel at this year's Summer In The City and Helen Anderson was one of the guests. We can confirm she's officially the coolest woman in the world. In this video, Helen talks passionately about her vinyl collection and we're already looking forward to an updated version of this video when she adds more.


ROSANNA PANSINO - DIY Galaxy Mirror Cake

It happened. It finally happened- someone made a cake that is literally too good to eat. This week, Rosanna made this stunning mirror cake with 10 million ingredients and a lot of patience. Don't worry too much about making it yourself, it will never look as good as Ro’s.


INTHEFROW - How To Style The YSL Blogger Bag 5 Ways

Victoria from InTheFrow is one of the hardest working YouTubers we know and is constantly upping her game when it comes to filming and editing videos. Victoria's latest upload has to be a shining example to fashion vloggers out there on how to create incredibly well produced content that's a joy to watch.


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