Fleur's Advent Calendars, Fallout 4 Glitches and Facebook Cheating- Weekly Round-Up 13/11

13 November 2015, 17:53 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Fallout 4 glitches, alarm clocks that slap you in the face and hummus - it's all go in this week's top video picks!

Our favourite part of the week is curating a bunch of videos from every YouTube genre to give you a whole bunch of new content to sample over the weekend. And this week's offering is full of some epic content.

We've got sketches about clean freak mums, the history of lesbianism and some great original music for you - so settle in, scroll on, and enjoy!



NerdyAndQuirky - "Life Guru"

We can't end this week without another feature from our YouTuber of the Week, Sabrina Cruz. Fortunately she has a brand new upload with some serious life advice for us. Most of it involves kale. It might not be all that serious. Enjoy!



Bethan Leadley - "Your Storm"

Upcoming EP Inside Her Head promises a more grown-up, produced side to the artist formerly known as MusicalBethan, and new single "Your Storm" is an A+ example. Accompanied by an emotionally charged video that seems to take visual cues from Taylor Swift's "Style", Bethan's latest track has got us amped for the full release.



Chris Fleming - "COMPANY IS COMING"

Got a mum? Ever had people visiting your house? You will understand everything about this video, hands-down. Gayle Waters-Waters, the signature character of Sketch comedian Chris Fleming, has completely NAILED that pre-guest panic that every maternal figure goes into when they see that the house isn't quite up to scratch.



SORTED Food - "Hummus Recipe"

Hummus - the signature snack of the millennial. Admit it, you love it; and you wish you didn't have to traipse to Waitrose to get the fancy stuff. Fear not! Once again we've picked out another video from the dudes at SORTED to help you with your liquified chickpea craving.



Hey Nadine - "LOST IN CHINA"

Ever-nomadic travel vlogger Nadine Sykora has made her way to China this week. and somehow manages to make even a wet day in Beijing look like the ultimate travel goals for the rest of us. Tune in for some gorgeous scenery, architecture, and weird sugar-covered fruit...




You know that feel where you're so overwhelmed by all the books you have to read, that you just end up rereading Harry Potter over again? Sierra gets it. Luckily her latest book-haul is all about that nostalgia trip back to Hogwarts; a must-see for any Potterhead!



Fleur DeForce - "Beauty Advent Calendars - 2015!"

Is it really time for Christmas videos to rear their festive heads? According to Fleur it is! Almost every beauty brand out there has released an advent calendar of products this year; but which ones are the best? Let Fleur be your guide this wintery season...



Hannah Witton - "History Of Lesbianism in 60 Seconds"

Got a lot of questions about being a gay woman that you were too scared to ask? Our friendly neighbourhood sexpert Hannah Witton has got an easy-to-follow breakdown on the history of lesbianism that will hopefully answer at least some of them.



Kurzgesagt - "How Facebook is Stealing Billions of Views"

Every time a Facebook video appears on your newsfeed, it's possible you're contributing towards the theft of someone else's content. It's not your fault, but Facebook is annoyingly proud of the way they've cheated the system to reveal that they gain 8 billion video views per day. Check out this quirky animated breakdown from In A Nutshell that explains the whole fuss.



Simone Giertz - "The Wake-Up Machine VLOG"

Okay, so the "D" in this week's DIY should probably stand for "DON'T", but we couldn't not include this hilarious video from Simone Giertz. If you haven't seen her self-built alarm clock that wakes you up with a slap in the face, hit play now and discover your new favourite vlogger.



Nerdist News - "6 Most Hilarious Fallout 4 Glitches"

Fallout 4 has only been out a few days, but it wouldn't be a Bethesda release without some ridiculous glitches. Jessica Chobot talks us through some of her favourites including invisible guns, floating bears, and Michael Jackson zombies.