Jack Meets Dogmeat, Nacho Cake, And Christmas Life Hacks - Weekly Round-Up 20/11

20 November 2015, 17:52 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Time for another look at some of the best of YouTube this week!

Our favourite part of the week is curating a bunch of videos from every YouTube genre to give you a whole bunch of new content to sample over the weekend. And this week's offering is full of some epic content.

This week we've got hilarious vlogs, lessons on hypnotism, how to travel the world for free, and some great original animation for you - so settle in, scroll on, and enjoy!



Olan Rogers - "THE BAD APPLE"

Olan's specialty might be his epic sketches, but he adds character to vlogs like no other. Sit back for 8 and a half minutes as he regales you with much vigour about a bizarre, pepper-fuelled tradition between the men of his family...



Rob Scallon - "One Fret Song"

Are you an aspiring guitarist who's terrified about learning all the finger placement? Well don't fret - literally. Rob Scallon has taken up the challenge of writing a song that only requires one fret to play, and the result is kind of a headbanger.



Whitney Avalon - "KATNISS vs HERMIONE: Princess Rap Battle (ft. Molly C. Quinn)"

This one could've fit under "Music" but it's just too dang funny. With a gust appearance from Castle starlet Molly Quinn, two of our favourite heroines of modern literature go head-to-head in a savage dirty-mouthed battle of words chock full of book (and movie) references.



How To Cake It - "Fully Loaded Nachos Cake"

We know what you're thinking: "you guys had a nachos video in a Round-Up already!" Well LOOK AGAIN. This glorious pile of chips, guac, beans and oh-so-much cheese... is actually a cake. Like, a real, sweet cake. Watch Yolanda from How To Cake It take you through the steps of this NACHO WITCHCRAFT.




Sometimes, you just need a really blunt headline for a video. Vlogger and community leader extraordinaire Casey explains in a Q&A; how he can use his YouTube influence to do even more cool stuff all around the world - without worrying about the expense.



Books&Quills; - "Bookish Snapchat Q&A; With Jean"

Who knew that Snapchat was a great tool for running Q&As;? Pro BookTubers Sanne and Jean from BookishThoughts join forces to answer questions about which author they'd like to be, favourite graphic novels, and the music they're listening to while reading...



EleventhGorgeous - "Testing Pinterest Beauty Hacks | Hack or Wack?"

Apparently Pinterest beauty hacks are back in - but how many of them will give you your desired look, and how many will leave you with an eye infection from making mascara from Oreos? Tracy and Stefanie put some popular "hacks" to the test (so you don't have to!).



AsapSCIENCE - "Will This Hypnotize You?"

Hypnosis: a bunch of nonsense? Maybe not! AsapSCIENCE breaks down the way our brain responds to certain things, to the point where tricking and manipulating it is definitely possible. This whiteboard-tastic explanation will make you feel 100x smarter. No tricks.



TheCGBros - "Fears" By Nata Metlukh

Ever wondered how it would look if your fears literally followed you around? In this cute animation from Nata Melukh, we get an idea of how the fears of things like closed spaces, public speaking and even mice might look - and how they can actually help us sometimes.



Alisha Marie - "20 DIY Holiday Life Hacks!!"

Oh boy, Christmas is coming - we officially can't escape it. The best thing you can do now is get into the festive spirit! DIY extraordinaire Alisha will show you some awesome tips and tricks to get you through the holidays - everything from how to store your wrapping paper, to frosting Christmas cookies with... a rubber band?



JackSepticEye - "I GOT A DOG! Fallout 4 #2"

We're still on Fallout 4 mania this week as all of our favourite gamers make their way through the epic apocalyptic FPS. Our main man Jack figures out how to Scrap everything he sees, picks up some badass new clothes, and finds everybody's new best friend - Dogmeat!!