Drake Covers, Grilled Cheese Science and Emoji DIY - Weekly Round-Up 6/11

6 November 2015, 17:28 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Yet another Friday where we bring you the best of all of this week's YouTube!


Once again, we've got that Friday feeling (cringe), which means only one thing: Time for another weekly round-up!

This week we've got pro-tips on fitness, nachos and Instagram, as well as some epic highlights from every other genre across the site. Enjoy!!



Connor Franta: "A Guide To The Perfect Instagram"

Despite what you may have heard this week, Instagram is pretty awesome. And someone who kind of owns the platform with every photo he posts is Connor Franta. But how does he do it? Find out in a new vlog from this week!



Andrew Huang: "Hotline Bling Played With Phones"

"Hotline Bling" is still frickin' everywhere, but nobody (and I mean nobody) loves it more than Drake's fellow Torontonians - including Andrew Huang. Famous for creating a lot of awesome song covers without actually using any real instruments, Andrew slays this track using just a bunch of real phones, and makes a kickass video with some of his Canadian YouTube compadres all channelling their inner Drake.



Lilly Singh: "When Your BFF Is In A Relationship"

Sharing your BFF is one of the hardest things in the world; especially when it comes to sharing them with some trash boyfriend. With a little help from real-life couple Joshua and Colleen "MirandaSings" Evans, iiSuperWomanii takes us through the stages of dealing with the crisis of your bestie falling in love.



SORTED Food: "Chili Beef Nachos Recipe"

How often do you order nachos on a night out? If the answer is "literally every time you see them on the menu", you are correct. But what if you want to make a hefty plate from the comfort of you own home? Not to worry; as always, Ben and the crew in the kitchen have got you sorted (sorry).




You've got to stay fit when you're busy jet-setting; luckily FunForLouis has got some buff pals to give him some tips while he's on the road!



ItsMyRaeRae: "How to: Puff Ball Pig Tails (Space Buns)"

This look is basically adorable, and surprisingly not that hard to put together on any hair type! Let Raye show you how to put together one of her quirkiest looks.



Reactions: "The Science Of A Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich"

GRILLED. CHEESE. Honestly, who doesn't love it? But as we all know, there is a very delicate balance in trying to achieve that ultimate grilled cheese. Better yet, there's a science to it. Time to get yourself a DIPLOMA IN DELICIOUSNESS.



Simon's Cat: "Pug Life"

It's a tough life when you're a cat with a cone stuck on its head: You might not even be able to eat! But in a cute skit from the animation icons of Simon's Cat, our intrepid hero gets a bit of "help" from a slightly overenthusiastic canine pal...



SoCraftastic: "Emoji DIY Everything"

We're suckers for emoji, we're not gonna lie. If we could wear them on everything, we totally would. So we've gotta pass on a huge thanks to Sarah from SoCraftastic for ALL of the emoji DIY - clothes, pendants, coasters... Even candle holders! I'M GONNA PUT UNICORN EMOJIS ON EVERYTHING.




FaceRig might be the new favourite toy we never knew we needed. Luckily our main man Pewds has been testing out the new face-tracking software pretty heavily for us, and now all we want to do is pretend we're Santa, or a demon clown, or yes - even a Minecraft character.