Obama Raps, Pumpkin Mac & Cheese and THE DRESS - Weekly Round-Up 16/10

16 October 2015, 14:50 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

The best of every genre from this week's YouTube, all in one handy list!

Can it really already be time for another round-up? You betcha!

This week we've got some body-positive travel vlogging, the best glitches from the new Star Wars game, yet another meme-y Halloween costume tutorial, and a week's worth of even more amazing video content from every genre of YouTube!



Anna Akana: "Am I A Narcissist?"

Let's face it: social media's great, but it has allowed us to get a little more invested in ourselves than others might like. And it definitely helps to be more attractive, as Anna Akana highlights and breaks down in a new (and also hilarious) vlog.



Alphacat: "Barack Obama - "Back To Back" (Drake Spoof)"


Let's get political! Obama spoofs are rife within YouTube, but none have served up the shade as eloquently as this parody of Drake's diss track for Meek Mill. Honestly,  if the President actually lowered himself to responding to "Maybe it says he's a Muslim" "People are praying for me" Donald "Why is Obama playing basketball today" Trump's lousy insults, it would probably go a little something like this.



Cole Escola: "Mom Commercial"

We all know how cringeworthy and outdated those "mom approves a product for her kids" ads can be; But nobody nails it on the head like this dark twist parody from Cole Escola. This video from the amateur comedian is so great, that it has been picked up and shared by the likes of Tyler Oakley and Hank Green!



Mind Over Munch - Vegan Pumpkin Mac & Cheese


Remember how much you love mac & cheese? Remember that time you thought about trying to go vegan? Remember how pumpkins are freakin' everywhere right now? Alyssia from Mind Over Munch has got the perfect recipe to combine all of those very specific things into one great dish.



CeCe Olisa - "I Rode A Whale In Jamaica!"

Okay, so maybe there isn't any real whale-riding in this video; but the most important thing is seeing vlogger CeCe in her absolute element while enjoying a trip to Jamaica, as a part of her "Shame Free Confidence" series. Go CeCe!



NikkiPhillippi - "7 Beauty & Fashion Hacks YOU NEED TO TRY!"

Autumn snuck up on us pretty quickly, so you might not have had tie to perfect your fall look! Luckily NikkiPhillippi posted a list of seasonal beauty hacks to help give you a boost - if you've never thought to use a knife to wing your eyeliner perfectly before now, you need this video in your life.



SciShow - What's Really In A Pumpkin Spice Latte

SORRY, YES, MORE SCISHOW. But you're gonna like this one! The return of Starbucks' notorious and iconic autumn beverage has divided the entire internet into separate camps of "I Enjoy This Drink", "Why Are You So Basic" and "Let People Like What They Want". But what goes into it? The answer may not surprise you...



Wisecrack: Is Kanye West Even Human? - 8-Bit Philosophy

No matter which way you feel about Kanye, we can all agree on one thing - there's a high chance that he could be an alien. With a combination of various strains of philosophy and some top-notch pixel animation, Wisecrack gets to the core of the enigma that is Yeezy.




"The Dress" was one of the earliest memes of 2015 and practically started World War III. Did you see blue and black, or white and gold? With this excellent tutorial from Kelsey and Becky, you can rock both simultaneously and confuse everyone you meet this Halloween.



VanossGaming: "Star Wars Battlefront Beta Funny Moments"

You might have already seen Luke Skywalker get crushed by an AT-AT somewhere this week, but the beta release of Star Wars: Battlefront is full of even more beautiful little quirks. VanossGaming's coverage of a glitch-filled showdown on Hoth between Luke and Darth Vader is completely hilarious.