Really Expensive Coffee, Making Out And Leaving It In 2015 - Weekly Round-Up 8/1

8 January 2016, 18:18 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

We're back with this week's best uploads from every YouTube genre!!

It's the first Friday of the year (New Year's Day doesn't count) so you know what that means - time to bring back the weekly round-up!!

The first week of 2016 has been full of some awesome content from every YouTube genre - we've got a breakfast from Steven Universe, pizza mobsters and Jacksepticeye undergoing some muscle pain - so sit back, scroll on, and enjoy!



Nathan Zed - "BRING IT IN 2016//LEAVE IT IN 2015"

Since we think you need to be watching Nathan Zed this year, we thought it was only fair that we see what he wants to bring into 2016, and leave behind us in last year. Luckily, this hilarious vlog that slams hoverboards, Raven Simone and Sam Pepper is just the ticket.



Julia Nunes - "Make Out"

Julia Nunes is a YouTube OG: she was rocking the ukulele before it became every vlogger's signature instrument. But she's kept it fresh, and new release "Make Out" is guaranteed to keep you bopping all year. The kiss-fest of a video also features some YouTube and Vine faces that you might find familiar!



Olan Rogers - "Family Pizza Meeting"

Can you imagine if all the "family businesses" that run American pizza chains were real? And that they were a Mafia-esque hierarchy? And that they all looked suspiciously like Olan Rogers and his pal Thomas? IMAGINE NO LONGER. This new sketch from Olan will have you cracking up and craving some 'za.



Nerdy Nummies - "Steven Universe Together Breakfast"

TOGETHER BREAKFAST!! One of the cutest concepts from Steven Universe can now be a reality in your hone thanks to Rosanna Pansino. Not only is it made out of waffles made out of Krispy Kreme donuts, but the point is you share it with your family/surrogate Gem moms/loved ones. CUTE.



Evan Edinger - "Making the World's Most Expensive Coffee in Bali"

After casually spending the holidays in Bali, Evan is back with some travel #content. Did you know there was a blend of coffee so valuable that it sells for at least $50 a cup? That's a thing! It's called Kope Luac, and Evan just made some. Enjoy!



Katytastic - "Most Anticipated Books Of 2016"

Have you got your reading list for 2016 sorted yet? No? What are you, some kind of animal? Well luckily Kat has put together the ultimate guide to this year's big releases for you to fill up your Goodreads with.



Zoe London - "My Dyed Hairstyles Story & History"

An important part of growing up is cycling through a LOT of embarrassing and crazy hairstyles to find one that suits you - and Zoe London knows this as well as anybody else. Check out her timeline of hairstyles and share some cringing.



Crazy Russian Hacker - "Steel Wool Sparklers"

Steel Wool - great for scrubbing pans, keeping out mice, and accidentally slicing your hand open if you're an idiot like me. But it's also great for setting alight with a battery and swinging around your head, according to the CrazyRussianHacker. Educational? Only just. Entertaining? Hella.



JackSepticEye - "Super Mario Maker Muscle Challenge"

If you have a habit of dying in video games, imagine what would happen if you added shock pads to your body that go off every time you fail. Painful, right? Luckily you don'y have to go through that, and instead laugh at Jack's pain as he struggles through Super Mario Maker. yikes!