People Dressed Up As YouTubers For World Book Day And It Was All Of The Cute

3 March 2016, 17:04 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:14

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

You guys celebrated in style!

World Book Day celebrates everything from those incredible fiction books that changed your life to the lifestyle coffee books that are oh-so-beautiful. A crucial part of World Book Day is dressing up as your favourite character and schools across the UK have been inundated with YouTube stars turned authors and characters from books like Penny from Zoe Sugg's Girl Online.

Whilst some have commented on whether children should really be dressing up as their favourite Internet stars, we reckon it's actually pretty awesome that children are reading and enjoying it- whether that is classic literature of The Pointless Book.

We took to Twitter to try and find your best YouTube inspired costumes!



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