What The F*ck Is This Kids Content On YouTube?!

9 September 2016, 14:58 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:20

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

You'll never be able to unsee these videos.

So, this is our open letter to the child-orientated side of YouTube creating content for younger viewers. We have one massive question to ask all the YouTube channels out there dedicated to kids... what the hell are y'all doing to the world?! The stuff we've been seeing you churn is so weirdly messed up. Actual fact.

To give a little bit of a background into why we're writing this, some of the members of the We The Unicorns team are actual parents so as well as the usual Dodie Clark and Hazel Hayes videos that come up in their "recommended" sections, they're also well versed in seeing Dora the Explorer and toy unboxing videos in there too.

Then there's this.


This is what we have to deal with. So what we wanted to do today was open your eyes to the weird kids side of YouTube with some of our top WTF picks. Please, if you get triggered easily - click away now. This isn't for the light hearted.


That is Spiderman being injected in the butt whilst another Spiderman looks away in horror. Heads up, a legit baby turns up about half an hour into this video and has a real medical check up.


Spiderman is now pregnant... with a Spiderman stuffed toy. What the hell did Spiderman do to deserve this? And yes, the Joker is having a medical check up too. WHY IS EVERYONE ILL?!


The Joker is now giving a plastic baby an injection. Of course. Also - WHY ARE ELSA AND SPIDERMAN ALWAYS MARRIED? These videos have all been from different channels so far.


"UGLY FROZEN ELSA" is a warning to begin with. She then has a silent fight with Spiderman about brushing her teeth... so at least there is a good message in this? Oh wait no, Captain America is the dentist. And we're back to WTF again.


This one is just beyond weird. There should never be a hybrid of Winnie the Pooh and Wolverine. Also, we refuse to believe that this helps anyone count.


This thumbnail alone is haunting - a Play-Doh Elsa is vomiting on a Play-Doh Cookie Monster. In what universe do both these things exist?! NGL, their claymation skills are dope.


Right, prepare yourself for this one. Adults talk and act whilst they open a giant Hulk egg. Because YouTube.


This is it. This is peak kids content. HITLER. COUNTING. FINGER. FAMILY. FOOTBALL. MOON. AMERICA. It's all in there in the first two minutes... enjoy?!

So what do you think - are you sufficiently freaked out yet or all this just normal, everyday content to you? Please let me know in the comments below because we really do not get it.