Year 11 STRUGGLES Summed Up By Your YouTube Faves

27 April 2016, 12:06 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:15

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

The exam struggle is real.

We know how you feel guys, Year 11 is stressful. The never ending pile of revision in your room really isn't what you need in your life right now and, SPOILER ALERT, it doesn't get any easier. We Unicorns are speaking from experience, those essays don't just write themselves and your fave Internet Stars know it too. Believe it or not, these YouTubers were once in your shoes and they're here to round up what is actually feels like to be coming to the end of your school years. So, enjoy your last year of secondary education summed up in GIF form.

When your friends ask you whether you've done the homework


The homework that you were supposed to do instead of watching Zoella


But your teacher doesn't notice so your life is good again


Then you remember that the work just keeps coming


But you got this


Ok, maybe you don't


But it doesn't matter because you know EVERYTHING about triangles 


When you try to convince your English teacher to give you an exam on Girl Online 


But they say no.


Even though you know you'd get an A* on it 


When you finally make it to the end of another week


And you realise you have two whole days off


But you should probably spend them revising for the exams that are getting closer 


It's all good thought cause you've got the school gossip to look forward to on Monday



Well, that was relatable. Good luck with your exams guys!