10 YouTuber Friendships That Make Us Scream "Girl Power!"

22 June 2016, 16:11 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:42

We the Unicorns

By Gemma Bentley

Friendship Goals!

While many might complain that the YouTube community isn't what it used to be, seeing such strong friendships form between YouTuber's shows how supportive vloggers can be. Instead of seeing each other as competition, these fashion and beauty YouTubers have often joined forces, choosing to collab instead of compete, which has resulted in some authentic and adorable friendships. We break down some of the best.

Alix & Suzi

Alix from 'I Covet Thee' and Suzi from 'Hello October' are a YouTube OTP sharing their love of neutral coloured clothing, Monica Vinader jelwery and owning too many lipsticks. Despite not living in the same town, they are always getting trains to hang out with each other and go on double dates with their boyfriends.

Fleur & Talk Becky Talk 

'Fleur De Force' and 'Talk Becky Talk' have been friends before they found success on YouTube. These two blondes love cooking, baking and cups of tea and also buy each other the best birthday/christmas gifts. Fleur and her husband Mike recently gifted Becky a Michael Kors watch.

Lily & Anna

Lily Pebbles and 'ViviannaDoesMakeup' give us the ultimate friendship goals, even their fiancés are mates. Their travel vlogs, amazing taste in restaurants and beauty products, it is obvious that these two would end up as internet and real life BFF's.

Becca Rose & Just Jodes  

These two absolute cuties are always by each other side. Becca and Jodes are always hanging out at amazing events and press launches they make a work day into a fun day, going shopping and for lunches in-between meetings, meaning they are always appearing in each others vlogs.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 12.08.09

Lily Melrose & Zoe London 

Lily and Zoe go way back as blogger friends, these two bond over music and all black outfits. These two are the epitome of the cool girl crowd at school. From Halloween look books, hauls and make-up challenges these two have great online and offline chemistry.

Lucy & Lydia & InTheFrow 

The girl gang everyone wants to be part off. Bonding over Disney trips, make-up and always in fits of giggles. This photo really sums up Victoria's friendships with the twins.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 12.13.56

Amelia Liana & Estee Lalonde 

We actually have to thank 'Essie Button' for encouraging Amelia to start her channel as without her advice and support Amelia may have never even started her channel. These girls prove opposites attract Essie loves car boot sales and Amelia loves Bond Street but they both introduce each other to new brands, products and restaurants that they both end up loving.

Fabulous Hannah & Velvet Ghost 

These two new BFF's of YouTube are embodying the all black, nude nineties pout, sassy selfie that was taken at a Benefit event earlier this year. Gabby has really supported Hannah and help grow her channel, it is always so lovely to see bigger YouTubers encourage and work with the smaller more up and coming YouTubers.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 12.22.03

CutiePieMarzia & Emma Pickles 

These two give us ultimate eyeliner and tattoo goals. Emma and Marzia love finding cool new places to visit such as a creepy toy museum and watching films. These two socialise more offline then online but we love it when they create videos together.

Zoe & Louise 

It would be a crime to not include the original chummy's of YouTube. Zoe Sugg and Louise Pentland have created so many traditions over the years such as Dominos and Christmas present swapping and car karaoke. Despite their busy schedules they always make the important mile stones such as Darcy's birthdays and new product launches.


All these gals prove that supporting your peers and building each other up can play a great part in your success.



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