10 Times YouTube Covers Were Better Than The Original

12 May 2016, 13:23 | Updated: 8 November 2017, 11:38

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By Charleyy Hodson

Are you ready to feel inspired?!

As individuals who spend the majority of their day watching YouTube videos, you can trust us when we say that we've found the 10 greatest YouTube covers to have ever been uploaded to the world wide web. From a reggae cover of Adele's smash hit Hello to the Pentatonix cover of Meghan Trainor that literally makes us forget the original version, you're going to want to bookmark this article because we've found your new faves.

So sit back, plug in your headphones and forget the outside world because these 10 YouTube covers are so much better than the real thing you're going to want to erase your memory and start living a brand new life.


This is the Pentatonix cover we were on about... like, who even IS Meghan Trainor anymore?! All we want is this song in the charts and it blasting away on our speakers all summer long.


Emma Blackery gives us a major throwback with this gorgeous reimagining of Loretta Lynn's most successful country tune, You Ain't Woman Enough. She may be currently on tour and rocking super hard with Busted, but this video proves that Emma has some truly soulful pipes on her. INSTANT subscribe!


If you're a fan of Dodie's gorgeous, quirky and humble tones, then her mash-up of Crazy by Cee-Lo Green and Toxic by Britney Spears will be absolutely spellbinding for you. In my genuine opinion, no other artist is as captivating to watch than Dodie Clark; she's destined for greatness.


There were SOOO many Dangerous Woman covers we could have selected for this article, but (aside from Miranda Sings who features later on) no one covers Ariana better than Diamond White and KHS. The song is stripped back to its roots with some seriously heavy bass guitar and powerful chorus that genuinely gave us chills.


What article about the 'best cover songs on YouTube' would be complete without a ridiculous ukulele solo of a Metallica song?! None, that's for sure. So get weird with your nasty self and enjoy this video - his head banging is top notch too.


There's something so moving and simple about hearing a pop banger reimagined only on the piano. Suddenly I want to crawl up into bed with a teddy and just smile at inanimate objects. This is how happy this video and Leroy Sanchez makes me.


We've featured Us The Duo before for their amazing mash-up of all the pop hits of 2015, but they're back at it again with this gorgeous over of Meghan Trainor (again!) and John Legend's Like I'm Gonna Lose You. There isn't a single second of this video that doesn't give me goosebumps. Honestly, feel my arm right now. Spooky right?!


Aaaaah Miranda. What YouTube covers article would be complete without you and that ~talented~ set of pipes you have. Tori Kelly's cover of Taylor's famous verse for Bad Blood is as captivating as it is pitch perfect... and then there goes Miranda. Just, wow. Also, she gets 50 Internets for the way she death-stares Tori throughout the whole song.


Hello has been covered by every single person on the planet. Honestly. If you type in 'Adele Hello cover' into YouTube's search bar, you will immediately get 6.3 million results. So we've done all the manual labour for you and discovered this little gem by ConkarahMusic - we bet you didn't think you'd be hearing a reggae cover of Adele today, did you?


And finally, saving the best for last, is the most metal cover of any song you'll ever see. Featuring a white rabbit playing the guitar and shot in one take throughout an entire airport, Leo Moracchioli covers the Gorillaz Feel Good Inc and proves that there is no genre safe from the powerful and shouty clutch of metal music.