Lets Play Simulators And Death: What YouTube Has Been Playing This Week

4 February 2016, 16:54 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Someone literally destroys the world this week!

Stuck for games to play this week? Feeling uninspired by the boring first quarter of the year whilst you wait for the big serious games to come out? Fear not my friends, we've gathered all the trending games from the world of YouTube to help you fight the boredom and simultaneously destroy your bank accounts. Don't blame us, blame PewDiePie...


PewDiePie - Undertale

Undertale is without a doubt the hottest game on the Internet right now! With channels ranging from Phan and now finally to PewDiePie, you no longer have any excuses not to pick up this title and play it until your fingers bleed. And if THAT still isn't enough for you, then let me tell you that PDP posted 7 videos of this playthrough immediately after his fans literally begged him to play this. Fall in love with his simple charm and devastating wit - we promise you'll be coming back for more!


SMOSH - Cut The Rope (Hardcore Edition!)

If you've ever played Cut The Rope before on your phone, you're now suddenly lame and outdated because this week SMOSH played it from great heights after literally climbing ropes. The hugely popular mobile game gets a much needed fun boost by this unforgettable SMOSH video which had us giggling all the way through! Also, you've never experienced true humour until you've seen Jovinshire fall upside down from a rope whilst screaming his little heart out.


CinnamonToastKen - Lets Play Simulator 2016

This is literally the most meta game we've ever seen. In this video, you can watch CinnamonToastKen let's play a let's play simulator in which the only goal is to play the right games and gather 1 million subscribers. It's strangely moreish but, as Ken points out, it makes very little sense. Just play every single game and people will love you regardless - if only that were true for real life YouTube!


iHasCupquake - Life: The Game

From the same creators as Dumb Ways To Die (which, btw, you should totally download and play RN), comes this new game about quite literally the journey of life! Travel from birth to death in this super beautiful and frustrating puzzle game which, as you can tell from the video, had Tiffy screaming in frustration! Note to Tiffy: Shoes go on your feet and not your nipples. Come on now girl, it's really not that difficult...


Kwebbelkop - Maximum Override

This looks like the perfect game for me; total destruction and TERRIBLE amounts of fun. Kwebbelkop does a freaking perfect job of messing up this entire city and oh my gosh we want to play this game RN! Use monster trucks, cranes and even tanks to wreck everything in sight, but be careful about using the helicopter - that amount of fire power can really mess with your head. Reality will be shattered forever.


Oli White - 5 Minutes To Kill Yourself

This game isn't anywhere near as morbid or depressing as it's title. And don't worry, the aims of this game do not translate into real world actions... Oli is fine and dandy! The aim of the game is to travel around the office finding as many creative ways to kill yourself within 5 minutes. For those who are blood and gore sensitive, I would suggest you don't watch this video. For everyone else, enjoy watching Oli White shove his face into a shredder.