We Made A Glossary Of YouTube Terms - How Many Do YOU Know?

8 June 2016, 16:44 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

We the Unicorns

By Liam Dryden

Never be confused by the meaning of "vlogmas" or "social experiment" again with our official YouTube Glossary!

As YouTube has evolved over the years, so have all the words we use for things. Heck, the word "vlog" pretty much didn't exist ten years ago! So with random terms like "influencer," "GRWM" and "#AD" floating around, we understand it's hard to keep up.

youtube glossary

But don't worry, we've been around the YouTubes long enough to pick up all the slang, the buzzwords, and the basic human terminology - and we've got a serious, totally professional definition for all of them.

Never be confused again with our YouTube Glossary!


#AD: Signals that a video has been sponsored, or otherwise subsidised, by a brand. Adding this to a video ensures your favourite YouTubers don't go to jail for doing their job.

AMA: Stands for "Ask Me Anything". Usually means "Ask Me Things I Can Make An Interesting Video About".

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: A video guaranteed to be promoting someone's upcoming book/tour/merch. (See the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT BINGO for examples)

Challenge: A word used in video titles, often to make doing a completely normal thing suddenly seem exciting and watchable.

youtube glossary

Collab: A type of video where YouTubers who are friends, family members or in need of cross-promotion appear in each other's videos.

Community: The widespread and inclusive name for everyone involved in the YouTube world, creators and fans alike. Often proclaimed as "dead" by melodramatics.

Creator: An all-encompassing term for a person that posts things on the internet. Like an influencer, but occasionally has original ideas.

Daily Vlog: A chance for you to spend your entire day watching how other people spent their entire day.

Description: That box under the video full of important links and context, that you literally never read.

youtube glossary

DSLR: A popular but expensive type of camera that has annoyingly become the identifier of a Serious Professional YouTuber.

Endscreen: A window at the end of a video, often full of things that you would find in the description if you ever looked at it...

Favourites: A monthly breakdown of Things That YouTubers Own Now

GONE WRONG: An addition to titles of prank videos that have gone exactly as intended, because prank videos are fake.

GRWM: Stands for Get Ready With Me, but is also the sound people usually make when they're actually getting ready in the morning.

youtube glossary

Guys: An intentionally gender-neutral term, used by most YouTubers to address their primarily female audiences.

HaulA surprisingly popular video idea among creators and fans that consists of showing off what they recently bought with their Crazy YouTube Money

Influencer: The legal job title for an internet person with a large audience but no discernible skills.

Let Me Know: "Please, please God, just write a comment before you click away"

youtube glossary

OOTD: Stands for Outfit Of The Day, involves a lot of standing awkwardly on London doorsteps for some reason.

Prank: Just what it is, bro (read: never what it is. Pranks are fake.)

Phandom: Something you apparently need to be a part of to understand, and DO NOT MESS WITH

React™: A heavily controversial vlogging™ style of reacting to other people's video content™ in your own videos and passing this off as an Original Idea™

Satire: Usually a way of using punch-up humour to highlight ridiculousness of political and social issues; Co-opted by trolls to mean "being a dick about people in videos without any consequence"

youtube glossary

Social Experiment: Formerly an interesting if contrived way to go viral, while having a message about humanity; now just the hastily rebranded version of "Prank".


Viners: THE ENEMY. But also maybe the future??

Vlogmas: The most wonderful time of the year where your Subscriptions become completely melted, due to every channel you watch trying to share their Christmas cheer with your eyeballs at the same time.

youtube glossary

Got any more YouTube buzzwords that you'd like to see us try to define? Let me know in the comments! (pls leave comments it makes us feel validated)