The YouTubers Challenging The Social Norm

15 July 2016, 16:25 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Imogen Ogden

Expression is everything.

In today's society there are many issues that are causing social problems around the world. Topics like gender equality, racism, LGBTQ+ and human rights are just some issues people are facing, but YouTubers are taking it upon themselves to make a change.

Personalities such as Ingrid Nilsen, Jackie Aina, Tyler Oakley and loads more have become ambassadors and supporters for YouTubes change making campaigns: #ProudToBe and #OwnYourVoice. These two campaigns are covering issues surrounding gender equality and the acceptance of people who identify themselves as LGBTQ+ with an aim to battle the traditional ideals society has had in order to create a more positive future for individuals. It's now the time to challenge what's "normal", be #proudtobe who you are and to start using #ownyourvoice to get heard and make a difference!

Here are just a few examples of how today's Internet stars are challenging world issues.



Some of the fearless and powerful women of YouTube have become change ambassadors for the #OwnYourVoice campaign which challenges gender equality. Popular faces such as Louise Peatland (SprinkOfGlitter) Jackie Aina, and Ingrid Nilsen plus five over female YouTubers around the globe have come together with YouTube to bring forward equality for women across the world.


In tribute to the recent Independent Women's Day, these women came together at the UN Headquarters in New York to discuss the change they can make regarding gender equality and the placement of women. The group of female YouTubers- who are change ambassadors- have the aim to not only raise awareness but to also get viewers to share their own story regarding gender equality within society.

Discussions have surfaced around gender expression, values and gender neutral spaces within the equality topic, all of which add up to the change that these women are wanting to make in today. Each of these YouTubers have also created their own #OwnYourVoice video on their channels talking about why they've created the campaign and talk about the  main importance of the issue that women deserve to finally be equal to men in a modern world.

Check out their channels to see how you can get involved yourself and help spread the word!



Expression is everything and when asked to define identity, YouTubers all over are answering with pride. With recent events including the Orlando attack, it's now more important than ever that the links between self-expression and rejection are diminished and society starts focusing on celebrating love, happiness and acceptance with one another.


The #ProudToBe campaign started up over a year ago in order to get the world to start celebrating identity and raise awareness for people to become more accepting. YouTube is the best place for this change to start happening. It's where anyone can belong no matter who they are or who they love, and helps people find their voice to speak out.


Tyler Oakley and Kat Blanque are also some of the Internet personalities that are supporting LGBTQ+ communities to help others like them, who identify as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender, to be #ProudToBe who they are.

Kat Blanque says "I'm proud to be apart of the revolution that is embracing happiness in who you are" and with many of these personalities having to of had to deal with their own personal struggles when it came to acceptance, the land of YouTube is more than ever embracing and celebrating the time to be yourself. No shame or hate should be cast over terms like LGBTQ+ as people are entitled to happiness and pride in whatever form that may be. Groups like #ProudToBe are the first step towards making this change and we hope that these types of festivities continue and grow for a very long time.

In honour of the recent Queer Pride, YouTube has created a new campaign to reminds us all that love is the most important thing and to get your voice heard and to make a difference and impact on a world that is slowly changing for the better. Search the hashtag to find out more and question yourself: Who are you proud to be?


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