All The YouTube Merchandise You Need Because Your Life Is Pointless Without It

13 June 2016, 15:15 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:42

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

You're going to want it all.

YouTube merchandise is often our number one reason for living. Having a rubbish Monday? Order a Zoella Beauty treat! Celebrating your birthday? Get yourself a Dan and Phil phone case! Tuesday? You see where we're going with this. Over the months we've been around we've dedicated ourselves to searching for the best YouTube merchandise around for you to spend your pretty pennies on and today we're back with even more.


Keep reading and prepare to be broke AF.

Connor Franta Hoodie

Sadly, we can't curl up with actual Connor Franta every single night but we can wrap ourselves in this gorgeous hoodie and drool when thinking of him...

YouTube Merchandise

Tyler Oakley Phone Case

Love Tyler? Who doesn't? Show you love for his best-selling book, Binge, with this rather subtle phone case. Ohhh, shiny!

YouTube Merchandise

Markiplier Necklace

Where your "M" on your, er, chest with this beaded Markiplier necklace.

YouTuber Merchandise


KickThePJ Badge

Who knew PJ would look so good in a bottle cap? Fancy this badge? It's from Etsy!

YouTube Merchandise


Joe Sugg Notebook

Stan for Joe Sugg? Future Mrs Sugg? You need this notebook in your life.

YouTube Merchandise


Zoella Tote Bag

Speaking of the Suggs, we've fallen for this gorgeous Zoella tote bag- perfect for festival season!

YouTube Merchandise


Joey Graceffa T-Shirt

Oh how we wish we were Daniel...

YouTube Merchandise

Tanya Burr Cushion

Surely no article about YouTube merchandise is complete without a supersize Tanya Burr cushion?!

YouTube Merchandise


Dan and Phil Phone Case

Finally, we had to feature a little Dan and Phil and this phone case is off the scale adorable.

YouTube Merchandise


What's your favourite piece? Let us know in the comments below.