6 YouTube Milestone Videos That Will Make You Proud Of Your Faves

11 November 2015, 17:34 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

See How YouTubers Celebrated Huge Milestones In Their Video Careers!

As YouTube grows into something that is truly beyond massive, YouTubers have moved beyond just making a random amount of videos that some people might watch (maybe) and now frequently reach impressive milestones. Whether these be based on views, subscribers - or even just starting out, these achievements are always a cause for celebration - and inspire our faves to produce special videos to commemorate them. Here are 6 of the best:


1. Jenna Marbles' 100th Video

The internets straight-talkin' bestie celebrated 100 videos by regaling us with her actual full life story. Apparently her parents were a giraffe and a unicorn - who knew?


2.  Alfie Deyes' First Ever Video

Not only does this video mark Alfie's first step on his long and colourful YouTube journey, but it also reveals that he started out as a huge Charlieissocoollike fanboy! We applaud his taste:


3. Troye Sivan Hits 1 million Subscribers 

Troye celebrates 1 Million Subscribers with style. In this very special episode we take a trip through his personal journey, from little babby Troye to the fully fledged star we know him as today:


4. PewDiePie Reaches 10 B-B-B-BILLION Views!

The reigning king of YouTube has reached so many crazy milestones that we're not even surprised by them any more - but still, 10 billion damn views is a pretty ridiculous achievement:


5. Caspar Lee Hits 5 Million Subscribers .... And Everyone Hates Him For It

In a brilliantly original take on the traditional subscriber celebration video, a selection of YouTubes biggest stars (and Maisie Williams!!) take turns cussing out Caspar Lee as brutally as they can. Gold:


6. Smosh Hit 20 Million Subscribers!

There are a few reasons why we included this video in the list: because we love Smosh, because 20 million subscribers is a mind-boggling achievement and because we love the way they've included their viewers in the video!