5 Original YouTuber Songs We Can't Get Out Of Our Heads Right Now

23 September 2015, 16:04 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

YouTube has been the first platform for some of the most well known music stars of the last 10 years: Justin Bieber and Troye Sivan to name but a few. But not all of YouTube's biggest talent are signed to labels and on world tours, some simply continue happily on their YouTube journey and upload covers and original songs along with vlogs and lifestyle videos.

This week, we've featured Bethan Leadley as our YouTuber of the Week after Save The Children asked her to record their charity single. Although the single is a cover by Birdie, Bethan is one of the thousands of people out their who upload self-penned songs that stick in our heads for weeks on end.

At Unicorns HQ, we've been playing the following tracks on a loop and have no plans to stop anytime soon.

Slowest Man Alive - Dodie Clark

At the time of writing, this song was only released yesterday but we're addicted. As usual, Dodie's original tracks are humorous, relatable and always leave us grinning from ear to ear; the addition of the puppets has only helped this matter.

Pig Love - Tyranosauruslexxx 

We can't comment on the topic Lex is singing about but we can say it made us snort with laughter!

Wild - Troye Sivan

Whether you were one of the first 100 subscribers to Troye, totally new to him or have no idea he is, there's no doubt that this song is far from what people would expect from "just a YouTuber". Wild is a confident move from Troye and we're big fans of the EP, too.

Luke's Dating Rap - LukeIsNotSexy

If you don't know the backstory to this, sit tight. In 2013, Emma Blackery created a rap which mimicked the style of old dating profile videos from way back. Fast forward a couple of years and Emma is now living with boyfriend Luke Cutforth, AKA LukeIsNotSexy. To celebrate 1 million subscribers, Emma recreated the video. If that wasn't funny enough on its own, boyfriend Luke then took to doing his own parody version. Got it? Now sit back and enjoy.

When I'm Gone - Hobbie Stuart

We're not alone in believing Hobbie's musical talent has been overshadowed lately with rumours of a relationship with fellow YouTuber VelvetGh0st. If you need a little refresher, we've really been Hobbie's latest upload which is a demo produced - in part - by Andrew Frampton who has worked with Paolo Nutini and The Script which explains its similar sound.

If you've got any recommendations of original songs we need to hear or any talent we should have our eye on, let us know in the comments.