5 YouTuber Music Videos We Can't Get Enough Of

20 October 2015, 14:47 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:39

youtube music videos

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Has your favourite made the list?

It can be difficult to know just how to find new music on YouTube, what with the millions of hours worth of content uploaded daily and hundreds of thousands of musicians desperately trying to promote their stuff. So we like to think we're carrying out a great service when we curate some of the best music videos out there so you don't end up watching "Shake It Off" for the billionth time.

From the beauty YouTuber with a hidden talent to the iconic Pentatonix, we've been watching these videos several times per day. Whilst most are brand spanking new, there's an old favourite in there too.

What are you playing on repeat? Let us know in the comments below.


MsRosieBea- "Let It Go"

If you're not familiar with Rosie, she broke through the YouTube sphere after appearing on Daily Mix's Beauty Bootcamp series; fast forward a few years and she's well on her way to hitting the 175,000 subscriber mark. Whilst Rosie's content is 99% fashion and beauty, she snuck in this cover of James Bay's most well known song. The video sees Rosie singing in the studio and cuts to look book-esque shots of her in the English countryside. Both the track and the video are simple but beautiful.


Pentatonix - Sing

Nope, it's not a cover of the Ed Sheeran song but an original by the group. If you're feeling the winter blues, this is the track for you; we're yet to find a more motivational song this week. This video is all kinds of awesome and features a ton of famous faces including Maisie Williams and Tyler Oakley. How many more can you spot?


Miranda Sings - Burnin' The Haters

Is there anything else to say about this other than "wow"? The production quality, the couture costumes and the special FX have our minds BLOWN.


Emma Blackery - I've Been Worse (Original Song)

One of those songs that'll remind you how strong you are, you'll be belting out the chorus to this track after just a few minutes. As well as being an awesome track, this video gives us all kinda of goals including - but not limited to - #cushiongoals and #jumpergoals. The video sees Emma singing and playing to camera, cutting away to her feeling all the feels and taking them out on a bunch of emoji cushions. As you do...


Troye Sivan - Fools

The second part of the Blue Neighbourhood, this video is absolutely stunning as we see the drama ramp up and Troye work those intense faces like no-one else. On a serious note, the lighting and cinematography are stunning. On a less serious note, we want to adopt Troye.