Here’s The Sick New YouTube Trend Aimed At Objectifying Women

3 February 2017, 16:03 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:24

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Genuinely, how did this become a thing?

With the current American political climate and the recent women's marches happening around the globe, it's very scary to think that high profile YouTubers are enjoying a certain new trend. The trend, which is charmingly called the "SMASH or PASS Challenge", involves a collection of people gathering around with the intent of objectifying individuals based on their sexual appeal. The majority of these judgements are passed on females.

Head over to YouTube and put "smash or pass" into the search bar and you'll see "about 1,010,000 results". Creators such as FaZe Rug, KSI and WolfieRaps (who has one edition with his girlfriend and one edition with his parents) have uploaded their own versions and collected millions of views for their opinions on "female YouTubers".

Today, we're going to focus on the popular upload from KSI. The video is linked below but be warned, some may find this video offensive.

Now, we did unfortunately watch KSI's video from start to finish. Here are some of the most repulsive and explicitly sexual things said about women in the video:

  1. At one point KSI, Calfreezy and Callux all have an intense debate about whether or not they'd "smash" a "sex guru YouTuber" who "knows everything about sex" because they don't know what her personality is like or whether she would make them laugh (it's laughable that they come to this conclusion but continue objectifying women for the next 20 minutes)
  2. Calfreezy on Alexa Losey: "She's such a great friend that I wouldn't want to ruin it". (meaning that whether he knows the YouTubers or not, he will be passing on them regardless... something which he immediately forgets)
  3. KSI whenever the three of them go off-topic: "We're meant to be rating the girls". (reducing the creators mentioned not just to their gender, but to a innocent aged depiction of just being "girls")
  4. KSI on Amanda Cerny: "Look at both of her HUGE personalities". (just, wow)
  5. KSI on literally anyone at this point: "I would get along with her and also f*ck the shit out of her". (sigh)
  6. KSI on Callux and Calfreezy when they pass on Amanda Cerny: "Are you guys both gay?!" (because if you're not objectifying women with KSI, you're clearly homosexual)
  7. Calfreezy on Bethany Mota: "Oh yeah, I'd totally smash that, but mostly for the bank account". (because the main draw of Bethany is her money)
  8. KSI on Marzia Bisognin: "I would bend that Italian ass right over". (honestly, we almost vomited at this statement)


Some people have noticed that the trend of deciding how sexually interested they are in people based on their social media status has been around for little over a year. In 2016, people set up YouTube channels purely to comment on stars - with some acknowledging how underage most of the users were. Thankfully, this quickly stopped.

But back to 2017, and even though some challenges aren't commenting on female creators, people are choosing instead to debate whether they'd "smash" members of the same sex even if they identify as heterosexual. Creators such as Harley Morenstein and Zoie Burgher appear to be using homosexuality as a joke in their videos by discussing same-sex creators regardless of their sexuality.

The trend is currently on-going, so we're keen to see what you guys think about whether it's objectifying women or not. Let us know in the poll below!


EDITORS NOTE: Since Zoie Burgher's video on this article, we have updated the information regarding her sexuality as it was previously incorrect.