This Is How YouTube Is Reacting To Pokemon Go, TBH

26 July 2016, 16:11 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Are you ready for this mess?

It's only been a few short weeks, but we've lost the entire population of the planet to Pokemon mania. Regardless of whether you're a hardcore Pokemon master or just a grumbly old fart complaining about how many kids are outside right now, you have to admit - the world is reacting wildly to this new video game. So let's see what YouTube is up to.

We've rounded up some of our favourite Pokemon Go themed videos to be uploaded so far from our faves across the world of sketch comedy, gaming, beauty and even lifestyle vloggers. Let us know if we've missed any of your faves and we can update the list in the future because be real, Pokemon Go will never ever stop.


Thankfully, even Dan and Phil jumped on the bandwagon and allowed their "squirtles" to watch two grown men run around and catch Pokemon in public. Skip forward to 7:55 to the moment Dan has to explain to Phil that pigeons are not Pokemon. It's real and it's beautiful.


For hardcore players of Pokemon Go, you'll know by now that the Gyarados is one of the rarest Pokemon in the entire game. Sure, you could spend 400 Magikarp candy and evolve one (which we calculated requires you catching or hatching 100 stupid fish), or you could just watch PewDiePie's guide on how to float into the middle of the Brighton sea to catch one. It's that simple.


Pretty strong thumbnail on this video, but if you want to see h3h3productions tear Pokemon Go a new one, then you're in the right place. Ethan goes into great detail about how terrible the mainstream media is based on the way they're reacting to kids and adults gathering collectively in public. Welcome to 2016 folks.


What Pokemon Go article would be complete without a creepy makeup tutorial of a woman painting pocket monsters onto her mouth... none, that's for sure! Our fave body painter Alexys (MadeYewLook) took the time to paint six individual Pokemon onto the bottom of her face, including all the starter Pokemon and a couple fan faves.


Did you know that Pokemon Go has also been inspiring food vloggers? Yes it has, and Hannah Hart is one of our favourite victims to the trend. In this video, she takes on the challenge of making a burger that looks like a Pokeball using only a tomato, a ball of mozzarella and some chicken! We're so inspired...


This is one of our favourite Pokemon Go themed skits, because we genuinely would use an Uber Go system to help catch Pokemon and hatch eggs. Thank the Lord for Julien Solomita and his hot yellow hair for this video for filming what happens in our wildest fantasies.


Of course, out of everybody in the world who is loving Pokemon Go, there had to be one person who loathed it so completely that they would upload a video to YouTube of them reacting to it... that person is Miranda Sings. It's entirely possible that Miranda only hates this game because she didn't go outside at all, but that's just a rough idea.


And finally, here's Noodlerella deciding that each YouTuber would be if they were Pokemon! TBH, we mostly love this video because it's an article idea we totally wish we had thought of before. She TOTALLY nails all the starter Pokemon as well, so check out her options and let us know if you agree.