YouTube Red Shows, Ranked By How Much You're Not Gonna Watch Them

12 May 2017, 12:01 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:40

YouTube red

By Benedict Townsend

YouTube Red has a whole bunch of original shows - but are you gonna actually watch any of them? We go case by case to find out

YouTube Red shows: there's a whole bunch of them, but are they any good? Today, we answer that question. For no good reason whatsoever, I have decided to rank all of the known YouTube Red original shows (and there ain't many), in order of whether or not we should care about them. It's at this point that I should drop two disclaimers:

  1. I barely know anything about most of these shows, so a lot of this will be guesswork.
  2. This is in no way meant to be taken seriously, 'tis just some good old fashioned shade-throwin' family entertainment.

youtube red shows

Let's get stuck in:

Scare PewDiePie - Season 2

Season one was very popular, but funnily enough, I have a hunch you won't be watching season 2.

youtube red shows


Likelihood you'll watch it: 0/10 (sorry)

Fight of the Living Dead: Experiment 88

The problem with this show is that the title is almost too catchy. It just rolls off the tongue like a medieval mace dragging along a chalk board. It's like they were brainstorming the name of the show and kept saying 'hey, why stop here?'

fight of the living dead experiment 88 youtube red shows

No one in the history of the world has ever said the full name of this show out loud. Heck, HBO had to take the word 'the' off the phrase 'the Game of Thrones' because they knew nobody would ever bother saying it. Anyway, what's the show about? Who knows. Most people will read the first eighty words of the title and die of old age before they get a chance to watch.

Likelihood you'll watch it: 2/10 

Maximum amount of words acceptable in a TV show title: 3 (4, if you're 'Malcolm In The Middle')

Prank Academy

We've heard of 'it's just a prank, bro' - but what about 'it's just a prank show'? The cool thing about pranks is that they're very funny and everyone loves them. So a whole show about pranking sounds like a fantastic way to spend $10 a month. The same price as Netflix. $10. $10 a month. $10 a month for 'Prank Academy'. Ace.

youtube red shows

Likelihood you'll watch it: 3/10 

Times you've laughed at a prank video since 2010: 0/10


Bit of a naughty title here, lads. Bit of a sex joke on the go, but don't worry, it's all family friendly fun. Presumably, I haven't seen it, I don't know. I must emphasise that I have no idea what I'm talking about here and that my opinions on these shows must be disregarded immediately.

youtube red shows

Likelihood you'll watch it: 4/10

Title of the show: 4/some

Sing It!

Set behind the scenes of a singing show, this song about a singing show is about many things, but it's primarily about a singing show. It comes from the Fine Bros however, so there's a good chance that every scene will be followed by a bunch of kids watching the scene back and giving their commentary on it.

youtube red shows

Likelihood you'll watch it: 4/10

Remember when the Fine Bros tried to trademark the word 'React': lmao

Bad Internet

Collegehumor's series that definitely isn't Black Mirror, so don't even worry about it being Black Mirror cos it isn't even Black Mirror. Yes, it may be Black Mirror - but that doesn't mean that it is Black Mirror.

youtube red shows


No, jokes aside this series is actually very funny and I'd recommend it for anyone who is enjoying Collegehumor's new, more social commentary-focused vibe. Also, it's Black Mirror.

Likelihood you'll watch it: 8/10

Amount that this is Black Mirror: 14/10

Squad Wars

It's a show made by Buzzfeed called 'Squad Wars', so it's probably going to be both bae and lit and will probably make you ?  until you can't even.

squad-mates youtube red shows

Likelihood you'll watch it: 7/10, cos ur basic like that.

Amount of times people say 'pizza is bae' or whatever: approx 45 million

Mat Pat's Game Lab

I'm gonna level with you here, I know so little about this show that I can't even make jokes about it. Maybe it's good, maybe it's bad - let us know in the comments section below (or don't, do what you want, I'm not your dad.)

game-lab youtube red shows

Likelihood you'll watch it: ?/10

Research I did for this article: 10/10

Escape The Night

The ever-charming Joey Graceffa leads this adventure series which is centred around Joey Graceffa wearing a suit and appearing in a YouTube Red series. The show would be well-suited to people who like Joey Graceffa - especially because Joey is, himself, well-suited (geddit?)

joey-graceffa-escape-the-night youtube red shows

Likelihood you'll watch it if you like Joey: 8/10 

Likelihood you'll watch it if don't appreciate good tailoring: 0/10

 Single by 30

This is a romcom from the Wong Fu gang about being single and romance or whatever. By the time they're thirty they'll be romance or something - but surprise, romance! Look, the premise ain't great, but if you like Wong Fu, this show is for Wong you.

single by 30 youtube red shows

Likelihood you'll watch it: 6/10 

Single by: 30 

Rhett and Link's Buddy System

Rhett and Link are likeable as hell, so if you're a fan of them, you'll probably watch this. If you are not a fan of them you will probably not watch it - I know that's a pretty insane conclusion to make but dammit I'm sticking by it.

buddy system youtube red shows

Likelihood you'll watch it, if you like Rhett and Link: 8/10

Likelihood you'll watch it, if you're part of an obscure cult that views Rhett and Link as the devil: 2/10


Relatable title, eh folks! Ha ha, good times.

youtube red shows

Likelihood you'll watch it: 6/10 

Current bank balance: 0

Paranormal Action Squad

This is the first animated show on the list - and for that achievement it gains my seal of approval. Here it is.

youtube red shows

Likelihood you'll watch it: 8/10

Amount of animation: 10/10

12 Deadly Days

'What is it with YouTube Red shows and numbers?' is a real sentence I just typed, before I realised it was the most insignificant observation since Anakin Skywalker's speech about sand. This show features deadly days, 12 of them in fact - but will it get 12 on our rating system? No.

youtube red shows

Likelihood you'll watch it: 6/10

Amount of deadly days: 12

Amount of animation: 0/10


Mind Field

Vsauce videos are great. They're informative, they're entertaining - and watching just two or three will leave you in a near catatonic state, staring off into the middle distance and pondering the very concept of existence itself. A whole series of that? Sounds like something people would watch.

youtube red shows


Likelihood you'll watch it: 8/10

The amount of acid tabs you feel like you've taken after watching a Vsauce video: 346


Me and My Grandma

MyLifeAsEva shows us yet another glimpse into her life - namely the relationship she has with her fictional grandma. Will things go according to plan? Probably not! But despite all the hijinks and mishaps, I'm sure things will work out in the end.

youtube red shows

Likelihood you'll watch this: 7/10

Number of grandmothers: 1

Kings of Atlantis

Were you looking for a show about two Minecraft-looking ... chickens(?) ... having adventures and also they have swords? Well, you're in luck. It seems that your very specific dream has been granted:

youtube red shows

Likelihood you'll watch this: 4/10

How difficult this concept must have been to pitch: 10/10

DanTDM Creates A Big Scene

Dan Theodore Dolphins McCoy, also known as DanTDM, has created a big scene and by jove does he want you to know about it. How large is this scene? Pretty large.

youtube red shows

Likelihood you'll watch this: 8/10

Size of scene caused: 14/10

Run, BIGBANG Scout!

Bazinga! Sheldon and the gang and back for another set of adventures on the silver screen! Ha ha, just joshing with you folks, this isn't actually a show about those science nerds we love to despise love, but rather the South Korean pop group Big Bang. The show is a documentary. If you like the band you will watch it.

youtube red shows

Likelihood you'll watch it: 5/10

Bazinga: epic lol!!111!1!1 XD

Well that's the shows - or at least, it's some of them. There's probably more arriving each day, but I haven't got enough salt in me to make fun of any more ... for now.

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