YouTube Rewind 2017: Here’s What You Can Expect To See

14 November 2017, 16:54 | Updated: 5 December 2017, 09:19

YouTube Rewind 2017
YouTube Rewind 2017. Picture: other
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Definitely maybe

The end of the year means one thing and one thing only for YouTube fans - it's almost time for the YouTube Rewind. This video recap of the year in YouTube has been running since 2010 and only gets bigger and better with every installment. The passing of another 365 days (give or take) means that there will be all new references (and stars) that are likely to appear - along with some reliable established faves. Here are our expert predictions of what you can expect to see this in year's video:

Plenty of 2017 meme references

And they will almost certainly be acted out by YouTubers. Take your bets now on who will be playing salt bae (we reckon it'll be Markiplier).

Fidget Spinners

Fidgeting and spinning away like nobody's business.


These two men

Whoever they are. They keep turning up in YouTube Rewinds, so expect their return again this year.


Cameos from the new stars of 2017

Stars that have really blown up in 2017 will definitely be out in force - so basically expect to see a lot of faces from the '@ Pack'.

Elijah Daniel and Christine Sydelko
Elijah Daniel and Christine Sydelko. Picture: other

Lilly Singh being a boss

Lilly Singh had a very prominent place in the 2016 Rewind and you can expect to see her take centre stage in this year's edition as well, as she continues to be more and more successful on the platform.

Lilly Singh in YouTube Rewind
Lilly Singh in YouTube Rewind. Picture: other

Little or no PewDiePie

PewDiePie has had a... difficult... year and it's easy to see why YouTube might wish to avoid controversy by not including him in their flagship yearly video. Despite being the biggest YouTuber in the world, he only had a brief cameo in the 2016 edition - though this may have had more to do with him not being that into it.

PewDiePie in YouTube Rewind
PewDiePie in YouTube Rewind. Picture: other

It will be Every Day Bro

This is our hottest take of all, but stay with us. Every year they tend to base the Rewind around one central idea, usually taken from a song. Take a look here:

- 2012: 'Rewind YouTube Style 2012'

- 2013: 'What Does 2013 Say?'

- 2014: 'Turn Down For 2014'

- 2015: 'Now Watch Me 2015'

- 2016: 'The Ultimate 2016 Challenge'

So what will the theme of this year be? Well arguably the biggest YouTube trends of 2017 have been: the Paul brothers, everyone having their ads turned off, the rise of the far right and PewDiePie destroying himself. Out of that fun bunch of milestones (HASN'T 2017 BEEN FUN???) it seems likely that a play on 'Every Day Bro' would fit the most.

- 2017: 'It's 2017, Bro'

It's a spicy prediction, but if it happens, you all owe me £5.

Jake Paul YouTube rewind everyday bro
Jake Paul YouTube rewind. Picture: other

Definitely not Mattias

This tech YouTuber says he turned down a chance to be in the Rewind, out of protest to YouTube's business policies (particularly the way it has handled ads in 2017).

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