5 YouTube scandals that rocked the community in 2018

18 December 2018, 16:08 | Updated: 20 December 2018, 17:02

youtube scandals 2018 logan paul laura lee
Picture: YouTube: Laura Lee / Logan Paul
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

What a year it was

2018... wow. What a year it was. What an... eventful... year.

From the miserable Logan Paul scandal that kicked off the year to the YouTube Rewind becoming the most disliked video in YouTube history, it seems that the mood online is more negative than ever before. Lovely!!!

Nah, let's not get too gloomy, there were plenty of uplifting things that happened on YouTube this year, presumably, can't think of any now - but today we're only focusing on the mad, bad and truly scandalous.

Here's your rundown of the biggest YouTube scandals that rocked 2018:

1. Logan Paul.

Logan Paul's behaviour in Japan at the start of the year really set the mood for the rest of what would be a generally controversial year on YouTube.

Logan went to Japan, where he engaged in generally highly disrespectful behaviour, culminating in the YouTuber making a visit to a forest that is infamous for being a suicide hotspot - and filming the body of a recently deceased person.

It set the bar for YouTube scandals even lower and prompted an unprecedented level of backlash from around the world. The result? Logan took the world's shortest break from YouTube then made a grand return, had a boxing match with KSI and then pretty much got back to exactly the same position he was in previously, seemingly having learned very few lessons. Merry Christmas!

2. Laura Lee's tears

laura lee crying video
Picture: YouTube: Laura Lee

There was so much beauty YouTube drama this year that there is really no list that could ever hope to contain it all. Also who cares.

But one particular scandal really captured everyone's attention - involving Laura Lee, some extremely racist tweets and some hilariously pitiful tears.

The subject of old problematic tweets really blew up in 2018 and many YouTubers fell under its mighty sword. Some were justified (Laura's tweets were very racist!), others were a little more grey.

Laura decided to deal with her unearthed racist tweets in a typically YouTuber-y way: by posting a video of herself looking very sad and apologising-ish while crying. Except... she couldn't cry. She really wanted to cry, but no matter how she grimaced, sobbed or blinked, she couldn't actually muster any tears - leading to widespread mockery.

This then lead to Laura doing another apology video, this time to apologise for her last apology video and by this point everyone was so tired of her nonsense and the attention span of the general public is so short that she was allowed to just come straight back to YouTube and carry on as she was, with almost no ramifications.

Huh, starting to see a pattern here.

3. The Eltoria Advent Calendar

If dear sweet Zoe Sugg has taught us anything, it's that perhaps YouTubers and advent calendars don't mix.

This was a lesson that was roundly not learned by YouTuber Eltoria, who decided to release an advent calendar that was not only wildly expensive (£49!) but also contained items that some thought she had received as freebees from PR's and was pawning off on them.

In response, Eltoria told The Metro: "I would like to thank the customers for purchasing this handmade, very limited edition product. I would also like to thank my fans for the support. ‘It is unfortunate that people have made guesses and assumptions for it then to be treated as fact. Perhaps this is an issue that platforms need to figure out how to regulate."

4. Cordially Invited receives a cold reception

Speaking of Zoe Sugg, the artist formerly known as Zoella sadly did not manage to make it through the year without shaking off accusations of... what's a delicate way of phrasing this?... Selling tat?

Zoe's latest book (which yes she actually did write this time, stop grumbling) was the endlessly curious 'Cordially Invited', which was designed to be the ultimate guide for throwing dinner parties. Yet the book was not aimed at the kind of people who actually throw dinner parties: people who have homes, people who enjoy dinner parties - in other words, adults. It was aimed at the younger part of Zoe's audience, resulting in a book that's sort of for... no one.

Particular derision was aimed at some of the guides in the book, which some felt were patronising and ludicrusly simplictic, such as Zoe's guide for 'how to go for a walk' (yes, really). Vice actually did a very funny and extremely snarky review of the book which is worth a read.

Bad luck, Zoe.

5. Manny MUA

Manny MUA has had a lot of drama in 2018. So much drama. In fact, it's actually very difficult to even summarise what exactly has gone down without having to compose a small novella, but I will try. In short, Manny had a big falling out with other members of the YouTube beauty community and found himself in a pickle.

Then, on August 23rd, Manny Mua uploaded a video called 'My reality check' in which he apologised to his former friend Jeffree Star as well as several other beauty YouTubers for his past behaviour. The entire saga can be found by clicking here.

Anywaaay in typical YouTube fashion this apology only caused more drama and resulted in Manny leaving YouTube for a while before returning with a new documentary series... about himself. Which went down pretty badly with viewers.

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