Here Are All The YouTubers Who Came Out This Pride Month

4 July 2017, 14:31 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

youtubers who came out

By Benedict Townsend

Pride Month may be over, but the spirit of Pride lives on. Here are a bunch of awesome videos from top creators, talking about their sexuality

This year's Pride month has seen a whole bunch of YouTubers releasing videos discussing their sexuality. Some have come out on video for the first time, some have reaffirmed who they are and some have made videos offering support for others - but all have embodied the spirit of Pride: that who you is something that should be celebrated, not a source of shame.

Dodie Clark

Any Dodie fan will tell you that Dodie is already an out and proud Bisexual woman, but this year she reaffirmed it with this catchy little ditty. Also Skittles are involved for some reason.

Here's her original video

For your rewatching pleasure.

Kayley Hyde

Kayley was a little sneaky. She dropped the fact that she is pansexual in the middle of a '25 Facts About Me' video, without much pomp and circumstance.

Kelly Eden came out as bisexual

Good for, Eden!


In this video, Beckii talks about her struggles with coming to terms with her sexuality. She also discusses a friend who told her she wished she (the friend) was straight, because it would mean less hardship.

Dominick Whelton discussed coming out at work

"You still have to come out in different scenarios and situations to different people. It's kind of like a never-ending thing ... hopefully one day it is so people don't give a shit."


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