21 Christmas Gifts For People Obsessed With YouTube

14 December 2017, 17:21 | Updated: 14 December 2017, 17:23

christmas presents for youtube fans

By Liam Dryden

Because you really don't need to settle for more YouTuber books this Christmas.

We're officially THREE WEEKS AWAY FROM CHRISTMAS!!! Time to panic about presents.

You might be a YouTube-obsessed little Unicorn who's stuck for ideas for your wishlist, or you might be a confused parent trying to find the perfect gifts for your budding vlogger (and don't want to buy another bloody YouTuber book). Fear not, we've got a comprehensive list of ideas of our own, for your holiday inspiration!


1) Literally every daily vlogger you watch is using this camera:


[Canon Powershot G7X|Amazon]


2) You might need this PINOF bag, for when you're lowkey Phan trash:




3) A Chromecast for watching YouTube on your BIG TV:




4) A Markiplier plushie. Because, reasons:




5) Tyler Oakley has the perfect poster for when you literally can't stop watching YouTubers:

cantstop_poster_01 copy

[Tyler Oakley|District Lines]


6) Or there's this one, when you want to reference your favourite book at the same time:




7) Or when you want to make a political statement:




8) Need John and Hank Green to nod in approval at your life choices? BAM, VLOGBROTHERS BOBBLEHEADS: 




9) All your vlogs will feel 300% more professional with an official clapperboard:


[Google Merchandise Store]


10) And this posable tripod will stop you balancing your camera on a stack of books, you animal:


[Joby Gorillapod|Amazon]


11) Maybe you want this unofficial Zoella calendar, for 12 months of GOALS?:




12) And there's even a phone case for your long elaborate to-do-list:




13) But you definitely need this lens to turn your phone camera into a VLOGGING MACHINE:




14) One of these sweatshirts will give every wearer a healthy dose of denial:


[Etsy|Hot Scamp]


15) Too blatant? Try this necklace, to keep YouTube close to your heart:




16) (Or a keyring because YouTube is basically your home):




17) btw, you need a GoPro. Because let's face it, everybody's got a damn GoPro.




18) Want to practise being a YouTuber first? They actually honestly make a custom frame for that:




19) And if you want to grow your channel, this t-shirt will basically get your point across.




20) If you're stuck: you can always try gift cards for your favourite stores full of YouTuber merch!


[District Lines|SpreadShirt|DFTBA]


20) And lastly, we have a series of books that are written for lovers of YouTube

Whether you love YouTubers or want to become one yourself, we've got you covered. You can find out more here. 

Here's a cheeky little video about the books: