46 YouTuber Halloween Costumes That Left Us DYING

12 September 2017, 02:09 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:42

Dan and Phil Halloween

By Lucy Hutchon

We decided to do a round up of the 47 best YouTuber 2016 halloween costumes

Halloween is no longer a time to dress in a bin-bag and plastic mask from Tesco, YouTubers have upped their game and have provided us with tutorials on how to create the best costumes and awe inspiring makeup. If you're wondering where to start- worry no more as we've compiled a list of some of the best costume inspirations to help you kill it this year.

As well as traditional scary clowns and Harley Quinn, we've found some more unusual outfits from your favourite YouTubers. Read on for more...


With Deadpool out earlier this year, we could expect a few remakes of the glorious Ryan Reynolds but we were not expecting this awesome cosplay this halloween! Drew-Ashlyn created this half mask Ladypool look.


Shaaanxo created an entire SERIES of looks! She slayed all nine of her looks using everything from SFX makeup to an old pair of tights!


Roxxsaurus had created this dead beauty look as one of her multiple halloween lookbooks with simple, everyday makeup on one side and a contact lens to make it creepier than usual on the other.


Roxi also uploaded a video with 20 super easy costumes, with classics like being a mime and Wednesday Adams to the amazing Kim Possible! It also features this years hottest trend... Harley Quinn!


If you are trying to show off how your group has ultimate squad goals, you should make a big deal out of this Royal Flush costume that LaurDIY shared.


Lauren also had a super cute couples costume this year.


And if you're eager to stand out from the crowd, take inspiration from Jack, Conor and Oli White.


You and your bestie can go as the ultimate twins Mary-Kate and Ashley. YouTuber and 'Haters Back Off' creator Colleen Ballinger made her dreams come true by creating this look.


Sophie Foster gave us a reason to use those flower crowns we put into the back of our drawers after summer with this gorgeous Zombie Bride look.


Troye Sivan had couldn't decide between two scary costumes, so wore them both!


Callum McSwiggan was spotted at the YouTuber halloween party last night!



Philip Green had a the most political outfit last night, dressing as Trump and Clinton...


Willam Belli made a very piggy entrance to Halloween



Jordan Hanz created this zombie pin up.


Rhett and Link couldn't decide who wanted to be Robin...


Em Ford decided to opt for the classy skeleton.


LoeyBug was beautiful in her Harley Quinn costume.


Trent Owers opted for glitter instead of blood in his face rip.


Becca Rose gave us a glimpse of her adorable pups Ghostbuster costume.


Patrick Starrr had joked about everyone not being ready for his outfit, and omg he SLAYED it.


TiffyQuake shared her amazing couples costume as a witch and wizard.



Halsey SLAYED everyone with her cluster of costumes, Kill Bill being one of her best.


The SacconneJoly's went trick or treating for the first time with Emilia the Fairy and Eduardo the Spaceman.


They had two outfits this year, these were for day time trick or treating.



Doug the Pug had multiple costumes, this one makes you want to catch him.


And obviously we had to feature Doug's girlfriend Nala, Zoella and Alfie's dog, in her super adorable pumpkin costume.



PewDiePie and his squad (including Marzia) had ultimate #squadgoals with their Mystery Team.



NikkieTutorials gave us a fright with her Zombie look.


MannyMUA was the suavest skeleton around.


Anthony Quintal wanted to win Halloween 2016 by going as Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction for 2016!


Ben J Pierce showed his make up skills and it turned out beautiful.


Ricky Dillon was a shipwrecked pirate.


Gigi was Gorgeous! With her dipdyed take on Ariel.



Mark Ferris was fairly low key this year and opted for a simple Reptile Boy look.


Scott Hoying and Kristin Maldonado were as cute as ever with their costumes.


Miranda Sings needs no explanation really...


JC Caylen, Kian Lawley, Corey La Barrie and Dominic DeAngelis were the whole Super Mario crew.


Eva Gutowski decided to be the crazy person at the party this year.


Rebecca Black has come a long way since 'Friday'...


Talking of being inspired by animals... here's Marina Joyce's costume!


Jack Maynard should meet up with LoeyBug...


Giovanna Fletcher got too excited to wait for Buzz and Buddy to wake up and created this witches look...



PeteJams created a punny Stranger Things costume...


Ricky Dillon was the only Halloween Pickle at the party and Oli was the only Banana.


Grace Mandeville had a lot of help from her Snapchat with her costume last night.


So many YouTubers so little time...


Don't forget to let us know what you dressed up as in the comments below and tweet us your favourite YouTuber costume from this year.