13 YouTuber Halloween Costumes That Are Super Easy To Make

23 October 2018, 17:03 | Updated: 23 October 2018, 17:06

youtuber halloween costumes 2018
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Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

All Hallows 'Eve is right around the corner, so why not go as a YouTuber? Why not? Why not Pam?? Why would you not do that, Pam??

Spooky season is upon us and you're probably already pondering which costume you should wear for the big night this year. Do you want to go as an actual monster, a figurative monster (mankind itself???), a celebrity? No, the answer to all of those questions is no. You want to go as a YouTuber.

YouTubers are some of the most entertaining fictional characters in pop culture and because we love you so much, we've whipped up some quick and easy guides for how you can dress like them come the Eve of the damn Hallows. Check it out:

1. Miranda Sings / Colleen crossover

Colleen Ballinger has revealed a pretty eye-catching Miranda Sings crossover costume that uses a cleverly placed zip. Check it out here:

2. Shane Dawson


Clothes: t-shirt, grey hoodie, jeans, sneakers.

Accessories: stubble (real or fake), swooped over hair (real or wig), Starbucks cup with straw, panicked look on face

3. dodie

Clothes: Black dress or dungarees.

Accessories: ukelele,

4. Jake Paul


Clothing: Baggy white t-shirt and white loose tracksuit pants. If you're feeling very brave, get some actual Jake Paul merch.

Accessories: chain, microphone for rapping, bright blonde wig or hair dye, vlogging camera in hand at all times

5. Flashback Mary

Flashback Mary is the name given to a particularly funny picture of James Charles that has been turned into a costume. We have a full guide to this costume right here.

6. Joe Sugg

Clothing: red suit with flowery shirt

Accessories: sweet shades, attitude, sweet moves, quiffed hair

7. Elle Mills

Costume: a damn sharp suit, with high cut pants.

Accessories: some sharp shades. Long, dark hair/wig.

8. KSI

Clothing: boxing shorts, headband, trainers, dressing down

Accessories: wrestling belt, maybe that weird mask he wore when he entered the ring

9. Poppy

Clothing: either an all-white simple outfit, or a totally out there glittery dress

Accessories: Long blonde hair (real, wig, or dyed), microphone, existential stare into the heart of the cosmos itself

10. H3H3's Ethan

Clothing: colourful top, loose shorts pulled up reeeeeal high, socks and sandals

Accessories: colourful hat (preferably beanie)

11. Miranda Sings


Clothing: Purple sweater - or white button up shirt, red loose pants, crocs

Accessories: hair clips, as much red lipstick as you are legally allowed to purchase

12. Christine Sydelko

Clothing: white 'don't mess with Texas' t-shirt, jeans, green windbreaker, cap

Accessories: a very merry Chrysler

13. Markiplier Naked Calendar Costume

Clothing: None.

Props: A series of object that conveniently cover your wilford warstache.

Which YouTuber will you be going on as for Halloween? Let us know in our Facebook comments or tweet us @wetheunicorns.