This YouTuber Just Dragged Lana Del Rey In One Perfectly Accurate Video

24 April 2017, 16:12 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:40

Lana Del Rey

By Benedict Townsend

It would be shady if it wasn't so insanely accurate. Watch this incredible YouTuber and musician break down the secrets of Lana's music and lyrics

At the beginning of April, YouTuber/musician John Fassold had only a handful of subscribers. Now, at the end of the month he is (at the time of writing) sat on rather tasty 51,000+. How has he done this? Well, it was all down to the simple viral genius of this song, where he explained how easy it apparently is to write a Chainsmokers song:

He even went on to actually make the song and ... wow

It literally sounds like it could be played on the radio right now.

He also gave Lana Del Rey the same treatment

Though he was distinctly less scathing than in his breakdown of The Chainsmokers, on account of him actually being a fan of Lana's music. It is, nevertheless, hilarious:

And  then he did Nickelback (because of course he did):

All of this reminded us of this Alt J classic

What kind of music parody documentarians would be if we did not include this mind-blowingly accurate breakdown of how to make your very own Alt J song.

Now finish off with the latest episode of our YouTube news series, which is creatively called YouTuber News: