All The YouTuber Merchandise You Need To Survive Summer

16 May 2018, 16:30 | Updated: 16 May 2018, 17:42

youtuber merch

By Milly Henderson

What better way to take on the summer heat than with a nice heap of YouTuber merch?

It's heating up big time this year, so you'll be pretty damn thankful to know that there are some amazing YouTuber themed t-shirts out there that will keep you both cool and stylish. We've rounded up some of our favourite pieces of YouTuber merchandise along with links to help you get your hands on them - so let's dive straight in:

Dan and Phil Blossom T-shirt

This shirt is perfect for getting you into a summery mood while also keeping that body temp nice and low. Plus it has the added bonus of being black, so you can still indulge your emo side even as you soak up the sun. You can buy it right here.
dan and phil merch

Lilly Singh 'Team Super' Cap

Keep the sun out your eyes in style with this beautifully understated cap from YouTuber and President of Canada, Lilly Singh. You can buy it here.
lilly singh cap merch

Liza Koshy 'Introvert gone wild' t-shirt

Take on the summer heat with this nice, light t-shirt which says 'introvert' on the front and 'gone wild' on the back. You can buy it here.
liza koshy t-shirt merch

Markiplier 'Sunset Van Tee'  

Take on the long summer months with this cool t-shirt from Markiplier.
markiplier sunset t-shirt

JackSepticEye 'Eyes all over' shirt

You'll certainly be eye-catching in this unique shirt from Jack. You can buy it here.
jacksepticeye eye shirt