Here's 153 Of The Hottest YouTuber Insta's From 2016

8 December 2016, 15:03 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:22

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

It's time to reminisce.

2016 has been weird; the UK left the EU, Donald Trump became President-elect and Casey Neistat quit daily vlogging. But now it's approaching the beginning of a brand new year, we feel it's about time to start reminiscing over some of the great times we've had this year - and what better way to do that than with Instagram's 'Best Nine' feature and the hottest snaps to have been uploaded over the past 12 months.

So here are 17 of the hottest YouTuber 'Best Nines', a total of 153 individual Insta's (great maths team), for you to enjoy.

1. PewDiePie


What would a PewDiePie Best Nine be without Markiplier and JackSepticEye?!

2. Zoella


We don't think we'll ever forget the moment Zoe got her Diamond Play Button - you go girl!

3. Louise Pentland


Louise had a huge rebrand this year and we couldn't be any prouder. Just look at Darcy's little face!

4. Marcus Butler


It's no surprise to us that Marcus' Best Nine features his new girlfriend Stefanie Giesinger. #RelationshipGoals.

5. Alfie Deyes


Alfie's Best Nine is pretty much a Zalfie fan account - but we love it.

6. Jim Chapman


How could we forget that 2016 was the year that Martha came into our lives?!

7. Joe Sugg


Joe and Miranda Sings? We think it's a match made in heaven.

8. Gabriella Lindley


Gabbie shockingly revealed her weight loss surgery this year, but we couldn't be prouder of what she's overcome. Her selfie game is also on point.

9. Troye Sivan


Troye Sivan, Ruby Rose and Taylor Swift all in one photo? Hot damn.

10. Jack Maynard


2016 has been the year of the YouTuber boys and we're happy to say Jack Maynard is definitely one of the lads.

11. Anna Saccone


The Saccone-Joly's have had a rollercoaster of a year but we can not wait for the arrival of another little member of the family.

12. Caspar Lee


Zebras and cake making Caspar's Best Nine sums him up pretty well.

13. Dan Howell


Dan in a Winnie The Pooh onesie gives us LIFE.

14. Dodie Clark


Dodie has had a very successful year after the release of her new EP - look at that lovely artwork making it into her Best Nine.

15. Mark Ferris


This whole collage is the definition of #BestFriendGoals.

16. Phil Lester


Phil holding a koala, what more could you want?

17. Lydia Connell


One half of the loveliest twins in the world, there friendship with the Little Mix girls makes our hearts melt.

Make sure to let us know in the comments which YouTuber Best Nine is your favourite.