7 Times YouTubers Did Something INCREDIBLE For Charity

3 May 2016, 12:47 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:34

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

And now we love them even more.

YouTubers are no strangers when it comes to doing amazing stuff for charity and we Unicorns are no strangers when it comes to reporting it. Over the years, these internet stars have used their incredibly large audiences to make a difference to the world by helping numerous charities help others. These good deeds can often go unnoticed with our fave vloggers regularly being given a bad rap by the national press; whether they're questioning their earnings or criticising their morals, they just don't seem to leave them alone. To try and banish this bad rap, we're here to give you the low down of all the times YouTubers have done something incredible for charity.

Running the London Marathon 

Jim Chapman and Niomi Smart completed the London Marathon last month in the hope to raise a lot of money for charity. The two internet sensations ran 26.2 miles around London with the aim to help both of their chosen charities, British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research, to continue the great work that they do. At the time of writing, these inspirational vloggers have raised thousands for both causes with Jim's Just Giving page seeing Ł5,973.14 in donations and Niomi's subscribers donating Ł2,981.00 to her Virgin Money fundraising page. It was definitely worth all of that training guys.

Taking part in a charity football match

Technically, this isn't something that YouTubers have done for charity, but something that they will be doing. Jim Chapman, Marcus Butler and The Lean Machines (John Chapman and Leon Busty) will be joining the A listers on 22nd May and taking part in a celebrity charity football match. The aim of the game is to raise money for the Community Sports Foundation at Norwich City Football Club with all of the players giving up their time for free to help a great cause. If you fancy watching your faves having a kick about then tickets are still on sale now.


Raising over Ł1 million for charity

PewDiePie really knows how to use his massive audience to his and the world's advantage. Each year he holds his annual live stream for his some 43 million subscribers to help raise money for different charities. His previous causes have included Save The Children and World Wildlife Fund with his most recent being Charity: Water where he and his Bro Army managed to raise enough money for 5,111 people to gain access to clean water. All of PDP's fundraising ventures have totalled up to a staggering Ł1 million overall for charity, way to go Bro's.

Granting wishes 

The YouTube power couple, Zalfie, are no strangers when it comes to doing great things for charity. Zoe has worked a lot with the mental health charity Mind and even became an ambassador for them last year, whereas Alfie incorporated his charitable spirit into one of his videos with his sister Poppy, donating Ł100 to the charity Chestnut Treehouse for every question she got right. However, being charitable doesn't necessarily mean raising money and this was the case at Zalfies recent meet up with Rays of Sunshine. This charity helps to grant the wishes of children who are suffering from serious illnesses and several of the their fans requested to meet their favourite Internet stars to decorate cupcakes and get a whole load of selfies.

Decreasing worldsuck

John and Hank Green are not shy of doing great things for the world, so it's no surprise that they're the duo behind the annual fundraising event, Project For Awesome. Last December marked the ninth year of the event that helps to raise money for charities that the YouTube community want to support and all together they raised just over Ł1.5 million to help The UN Refugee Agency UNHCR, Save The Children and twenty other charities chosen by fellow creators. And they will go on to do it all again this year, kudos to the Vlogbrothers!

Chopping off hair 

Carrie, one of our favourite YouTubers on the planet, decided to chop off the long curly locks that she is known for after her role in the West End show Les Miserables ended. She set up a Just Giving page and raised a huge 13k for the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity from her fans donations. And if that wasn't enough, she donated the 7+ inches of hair that was chopped to the The Little Princess Trust, a charity that makes wigs for children who have lost their hair due to illnesses. We applaud you Carrie!

Dying hair 

Markiplier and Jacksepticeye both dyed their hair neon colours for for the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance, and not with that wash out semi permanent dye. The boys who make up a small portion of the YouTuber gaming community went all out and completely, salon professionally, dyed their after Markiplier mentioned in one of his live streams that if he reached $100,000 in less than four hours then he would go ahead and dye his hair pink. Looks like he reached that milestone.

If you can think of any other YouTubers who have done something charitable then please let us know in the comments!