YouTubers Are Buying Mystery Boxes From The DARK WEB And The Contents Are Terrifying

14 August 2018, 11:06 | Updated: 14 August 2018, 12:19

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Picture: YouTube: 'Kill'em'
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Please don't try this at home

If nothing else, viral YouTube culture is about escalation. It's about constantly striving to push the boundaries of acceptability in the hope that you will be wild enough to be the new flavour of the day. The beady eye of the trending page winking at you, beguiling you to take that risk, make leap, bathe in that tub full of bleach and you decide to heed its call. Is this situation a bubble? Will this never-ending climb towards chaos not end very badly? Won't someone end up filming a dead body? Why yes! Of course! But that doesn't mean we can do anything to stop it.

YouTube dark web mystery box unboxing
From YouTube: 'Kill'em'. Picture: YouTube: 'Kill'em'

Anyway long story short the new trend to sweep the YouTubes is people buying so-called 'mystery boxes' from the 'dark web' and opening them on camera. For the uninitiated, the 'dark web' refers to a section of the internet where users are almost (almost) untraceable. In this dark corner of the web, which is only accessible through specific programs, people trade everything from weapons, to drugs to contract killings - and worse. Do not go there. This article is not intended to tantalise you to go there, it is extremely dangerous and the stuff that goes on there is so incredibly illegal and disgusting and just being near that stuff will get you so much prison time.

YouTubers are heading to this godforsaken hellhole and ordering 'mystery boxes'. These are boxes that contain an assortment of random items - and the kick is, you don't know what you've got until you open the box. Maybe you'll get an xbox, maybe you'll get a knife that was used to murder someone - it's all the luck of the draw! Hooray!

So what kind of stuff are they finding in these horrible boxes?

As these are 'mystery boxes', the contents have proven to be very random indeed. YouTubers have been finding everything from a brand new Xbox One X (nice!) to a bunch of dirty women's clothing (not very nice!!!!) There's also been bloody weapons, stuffed toys and weird satanic objects. Lovely stuff. Take a look at one of these videos below... if you dare: