Incredible Stories Of YouTubers Going Above And Beyond For Their Fans

12 July 2017, 13:54 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:41

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By Benedict Townsend

YouTubers will often go well beyond what's expected to do nice things for their fans - it's what makes this community so awesome. Here's 4 examples

The relationship between online stars and their fans is a special thing, especially as online media tends to be more interactive than any form of entertainment that has come before. Today we have put together a collection of stories from times when YouTubers interacted with their fans in a truly magical way. It's sure to warm even your cold, black heart. Let's dive in.

1. Dan Howell apologising to a fan he accidentally hurt at a live show

Internet star, Winnie The Pooh impersonator and all-round nice guy Dan Howell wasn't just going to sit back and do nothing when he discovered he had accidentally hurt a fan during a live show. When Dan learned that a prop cube he had absent-mindedly kicked off the stage had injured a fan, he wrote to her and even sent her a signed picture of himself holding the cube. What a good guy! You can read the full story by clicking here.




2. Markiplier made a wish came true

Markiplier is well-known as being one of the nicest guys on the internet - and he lived up to that reputation when he met with a young fan called Axel, who had asked the Make A Wish Foundation to meet his YouTube hero. Mark met Axel and even made a fan video with him. What's even cuter (if that's possible) is that Axel was in fact the 14th Make A Wish fan that Mark had met up until that point. The man literally travels around making young, sick fans' wishes come true. Here's the video he and Axel made together:


You can read more about this story by clicking here.

3. And PewDiePie does the same

Here's an awesome post from a young fan named Daisy who was unwell. Felix has put a lot of effort into both raising money for charity and also supporting his fans in their times of need. The pictures of this particular visit are beyond sweet:


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4. 'You'll never meet Dan and Phil'

This story came from a reader who shared an awesome (somewhat old) tumblr post with us. The post comes from tumblr user godlyputa and it’s an image of a printed out text conversation between two friends, one of which tells our hero, in no uncertain terms that they are never going to meet Dan and Phil. Well, not only did she meet them - she got them to sign a print out of that particular text convo. The ultimate revenge. You can read the full story by clicking here.



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