13 YouTubers You Need To Follow For Their Instagram Stories

4 August 2016, 15:33 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:18

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

Time to update your Insta.

If you haven't heard of Instagram Stories then honestly, where have you been? The Internet has blown up over the past few days and it's down to the social media platform's newest (non-private) update, which allows it's users to capture short snippets of their lives that will then only exist for 24 hours - sound familiar?


Whilst there has been some controversy surrounding Instagram's new feature and it's likeness to Snapchat, the YouTube community have been getting behind this update and rolling with it.

In the past we have delivered to you our definitive lists of YouTubers you should be following on both Instagram and Snapchat. But now that the two social media worlds have collided, we're here to bring you the 13 YouTubers you should be following for their Instagram Stories.

1. PewDiePie - @pewdiepie


So far we've seen Pewds singing the 'I play Pokemon Go' song whilst watching an episode of Pokemon itself. What other reason do you need to follow him?

2. Marcus Butler - @marcusbutler

Marcus has been filming himself rapping his version of Drake's 'One Dance'. Do we sense another chart topper?

3. Lily Melrose - @llymlrs

Lily has already used the platform to film a pretty cool GRWM video. We NEED more of this beauty goodness.

4. Alfie Deyes - @pointlessblog

Endless photos of Nala, what more would you want?

5. Jim Chapman - @jimchapman

jim cha

Zalfie are currently staying at the Janya pad right now so Jim's Insta Story is actual #SquadGoals

6. Ruth Crilly - @modelrecommends

Cute pictures of her baby. Need we say more?

7. Joe Sugg - @joe_sugg

So far all we've seen from Joe is a food menu from Wahaca, but we can't wait for him to share some #lad content.

8. Gabriella Lindley - @velvetgh0st

Gabby's Insta Story is hands down the prettiest we've seen so far. She's really loving those bright colours.

9. Troye Sivan - @troyesivan


If you want to see a cute baby video of Troye in the next 24 hours - you better get following him.

10. JackSepticEye - @jacksepticeye

We really don't need another excuse to see that green hair every day.

11. Zoella - @zoella

Zoe hasn't posted that much on the new update so far, but if it's anything like her Snapchat, you're in for a treat.

12. Jack Maynard - @jack_maynard

Jack was filming at the Suicide Squad premiere last night and I think we'll all agree that's a pretty cool way to start your Instagram Story.

13. Connor Franta - @connorfranta

So far we have seen one pretty fire selfie on Connor's Insta Story. We hope there's more where that came from.

Make sure to let us know in the comments who you think we should be following for their Instagram Stories and in the meantime, make sure to check out our latest instalment of SLAY or NAY for all of the newest YouTube news.