These YouTubers Are Tearing Down The Rules Of Men's Fashion

27 November 2015, 09:21 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:12

We the Unicorns

By Benedict Townsend

Rainbow Hair Is Badass Hair

Let's get this out of the way first: when it comes to fashion, there are no rules. As long as your outfit doesn't somehow break the actual law, you can wear whatever your heart desires.

However, the sad truth is that although we can technically wear whatever we want, outdated social ideas mean that sometimes guys* don't feel like they can express themselves the way they want to!

*(And girls! But that's a separate article.)

Well have no fear, because a new generation of online celebs are redefining the way men can approach fashion and normalising the idea of stylistic freedom. Let's have a look!:


1. Rainbow Hair Is Cool As Hell

When Markiplier decided to dye his hair for charity, he didn't want to do it lazily - he wanted to go all out. And he did! By getting hair dyed the hottest of pinks:


animation (45)


animation (46)


And JackSepticEye Followed His Pal Mark's Example:

With possibly an even more daring choice:


animation (47)


And we couldn't forget Hair Dye King Tyler Oakley:


tyler hair 1


tyler hair 3


tyler hair 4


Why does this all matter? It matters because these guys have huuuge audiences from all over the world. There may well be (in fact, are), many dudes out there who might want to get their hair dyed a funky colour but feel too self-conscious to get it done. Tyler Oakley is a fabulous unicorn of a human being so it's not so surprising when he dyes his hair, but when someone like Markiplier - (who is known more for dude-humour), dyes his hair, it opens up doors in terms of what's possible in people's eyes. This is absolutely not meant to be an insult against Mark or Tyler - we love them both - we mean that it's awesome that all different kinds of YouTubers are showing that you can have whatever style you like! It's liberating and we love it!


2. PewDiePie Is Changing The Headgear Game

PewDiePie is already aggressively individual as it is - but he takes it one step further with his choice of headgear. This dude wears what he wants, when he wants and he ROCKS it:




pewdie flower corwn 1


Come To Think Of It...

Pewdz doesn't give a damn about anything:




This is a guy who says, 'I can put anything I want on my damn head' - and silly as that may seem, we think it's a cool attitude.


3. Dan Howell Redefines Fashion By....Not Caring

Dan likes to wear black ... pretty much all the time. It may be simple, but it's a distinctive style! We never said that following your own style tastes necessarily meant wearing something huge and eye-grabbing. Maybe you just want to rock life noir style. Well do! Rock on!


That's dedication!


What's This All About? What's Going On? Who Are You? What Is This Place?

The point of all this, mad as it may seem, is that it's wonderful for guys - particularly young guys - to see their favourite stars and heroes showing them that they can look anyway they want and be the person they are, without fear of judgement. In a world where some YouTubers are, for some reason, being permitted to be d*cks, it's wonderful attitude to have.