These Are Your Fave YouTubers' Most Liked Instagram Photos Of 2017

11 December 2017, 12:49

Daniel Howell // Thomas Sanders
Daniel Howell // Thomas Sanders. Picture: Instagram

By Josh Lee

Find out how popular your favourite YouTubers were on Instagram this year

Millions of us have been living vicariously through the Instagram posts of YouTubers in 2017. But which of their posts did we enjoy the most? Find out the most-liked Instagram pic of some of your favourite YouTubers below - how well did your fave do?

We found out these YouTubers' most-liked Instagram photos of 2017 by using the BestNine web app! Learn how to find out your most-liked Instagram photos of the year with the app here.

1. Zoella

This adorable snap with Boyfriend Alfie Deye's was Zoella's most-liked photo of 2017, with 1,160,860 likes.


A post shared by Zoella (@zoella) on

2. Alfie Deyes

Zalfie pics were popular on Alfie's Instagram page too. This shot of him and Zoella gained 382,851 likes.

Festival vibes

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3. Daniel Howell

With 602,591 likes, this casual selfie was Daniel Howell's most like Instagram photo of 2017.

watch out i'm showing some skin today #freetheknee

A post shared by Daniel Howell (@danielhowell) on

4. Jackie Aina

Channelling Beyonce's immortal words - "I dream and I work hard, I grind 'til I own it" - Jackie Aina showing off the fruits of her labour became her most-liked Instagram pic of 2017 with 135,339 likes.

5. Dodie

This adorable cape earned Dodie 168,361 likes, making this her most-liked Instagram pic of 2017.

my mam said my coat makes me look like a bell 🔔

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6. Eva Gutowski

Eva's entire Instagram account is 100% goals, but this picture of her swimming with adorable pigs in the middle of paradise managed to inch ahead of the rest with 454,270 likes.

7. JackSepticEye

Jack's dramatic hairstyle change-up selfie left 593,511 of you shook, making it his most-liked Instagram snap of the year.

Back to normality!

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8. Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh announcing her new role as a Pantenne spokesperson received a whopping 630,056 likes, making this her most-liked photo on Instagram in 2017.

9. Thomas Sanders

Remember when everyone was trying to recreate Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman" album artwork for a hot-minute in 2017? Well, Thomas' attempt went on to become his most-liked photo of 2017, with 179,014 likes.

10. Liza Koshy

Liza's adorable snap with boyfriend and fellow YouTuber David Dobrik was her most-liked Instagram photo of 2017, with 2,614,617 likes.

11. Phil Lester

Proving that there's most definitely magic in those markers, Phil's PINOF 9 teaser pic became his most-liked photo of 2017 with 477,407 likes.

Can you smell the sharpies in the distance? #PINOF9

A post shared by amazingphil (@amazingphil) on

12. Markiplier

Markiplier's Instagram follows must love to see him suffer, as this shot of him very clearly freezing his baby-makers off in the snow was his most-liked photo of 2017 with 461,071 likes.

Thinking warm thoughts...

A post shared by Markiplier (@markipliergram) on

13. Poppy

Thousands of you have been in awe of Poppy's incredibly looks this year, but this editorial from Flaunt Magazine was by far and away the most-liked, with 95.280 likes on Instagram.

Flaunt Magazine ⭐️

A post shared by Poppy (@thatpoppy) on

14. Todrick Hall

A selfie with BFF Taylor Swift earned Todrick Hall 113,009 likes - making it his most-liked Instagram photo of 2017.

15. Pentatonix

A selfie at the 2017 Grammy Awards was Pentatonix's most-liked pic of 2017, with 158,069 likes.

Red carpet ready! 2017 #GRAMMYs... here we come!

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16. Mirands Sings

They say YouTubers and politics don't mix, but this hilarious mock up of Miranda Sings as Donald Trump was a big winner, with 225,585 likes. Nothing but respect for MY president.

I like pens and paper I can write things

A post shared by Miranda Sings (@mirandasingsofficial) on

17. Jake Paul

The romance might be fake AF but there's no arguing with those likes! Jake's "couple's" snap with on-screen girlfriend Erika Costell was his most-liked Instagram photo of 2017, with 1,242,157 likes.