Who Else Should Have A Netflix Show? Unicorns Investigate.

20 January 2016, 17:12 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:40

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

These YouTubers NEED a TV show!

So recently Miranda Sings got her own Netflix show, which got us to thinking; who else on YouTube deserves their own Netflix original series?!

We've come up with a cracking and highly creative list of TV shows we think our YouTube faves deserve to have, and that they should for sure be pitching to their agents. Get on it!


Jaspar Hit Europe!

We want to see a TV series in which Joe and Caspar hit up every single European capital in like a month. It follows their crazy cultural journey and all the hijinks that will inevitably ensue! Imagine 'An Idiot Abroad'... but with two dashing YouTubers. We want it!


Saturday Night Trinity!

These girls are seriously funny. Their No Filter Show storms the entirety of the globe, but now we want them to come and settle into our Netflix dashboard with a nonstop laugh fest. Take a dash of SNL, sprinkle it with hundreds of popular YouTubers and give 100% of the creative control over to Grace, Hannah and Mamrie and BOOM, it'll sell like hotcakes.


Mota-Vate Your Living Space!

Bethany Mota is a freaking genius when it comes to DIY home collections, fashions and all-round lifestyle tips. We want to see her surprise lucky fans by turning up with a tonne of goodies from Target and re-inspire their homes and offices into something totally quirky and Mota-riffic! It'll be like Extreme Home Makeover but with a YouTuber and a couple lines of bunting.


The Digital Detectives!

This one is inspired, okay. You ready? John and Hank Green present a Mythbusters-esque show where they talk science/politics/movies/space/music/comics and teach us about the world in their usual fascinating style. Then halfway through the show comes our favourite feature; Grav3yardgirl and her iconic 'Does This Thing Really Work?' segment! TAKE OUR MONEY NOW.


Midday Drags!

This one has the most potential and is one we think could genuinely happen - Tyler Oakley and a panel of YouTube faves all gather around to discuss pop culture and drag everyone for looking trash in regards to fashion. It would absolutely KILL. And with the amount of shade that Tyler and Korey throw naturally in their podcast, we think their on-screen chemistry would be electric.


The Crystal Blaze It #420 MLG Pro!

And last but certainly not the least, is the greatest TV show that has never not existed. Take one person from the general public and pit them against various YouTube gamers (PewDiePie, Markiplier, iHasCupQuake, etc) and let them earn prizes for winning. If they win enough collectively then they get locked inside a giant, fan operated, rotating Xbox 360 with the simple task of trying to pocket as many Amiibo's as possible before the time runs out. Flawless quality content.


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