Do YouTubers Have Too Much Political Power With Their Audience?

6 June 2017, 16:42 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:47

youtubers and politics

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

We want to hear your views.

The impending UK general election this week has caused plenty of hysteria on social media. After the powerful urgency encouraging people to register to vote, it seems as if everyone from digital influencers to publications and even your auntie has a view on which way you should vote. But how much does it really matter what those you admire think?

youtubers political influence

Traditionally, many people have voted the same way their parents, their grandparents and even their great grandparents have voted; and the age old saying of 'I've always voted for them' still holds true for most people.

However, with many young people now more influenced by the creators they watch online, you're more than likely to make a decision based on what Joe Sugg, Lucy and Lydia or Grace Victory believe; Which is why we want to hear from you.

How much political influence do creators honestly have over your views? And do you think they should push their views on their audience? With YouTubers vastly leaning towards Hillary in the US election and Trump actually being elected, time will tell over whether the digital space can make as much noise in the real world as it does online.

Vote in our poll below; but please note your votes will have no bearing on the UK general election on June 8th. It's just for fun.