What YouTubers Think Of… Rise Of The Tomb Raider

15 December 2015, 16:21 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:12

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Lara's coming and changing the game!

We've looked at Call of Duty. We've discussed Star Wars Battlefront. And we've even taken a dive amongst the vast opinions of Just Cause 3. But there's one very important lady in 2015 we haven't covered at all, and if you've read the title of this article correctly then you already know who we're talking about.

We are of course going to be reviewing Rise Of The Tomb Raider; a game which has been considered by the industry as one of the most successful AAA sequels in recent years. But who cares what the industry has to say? Let's see what our faves on YouTube want you to know!


In the same style as our previous round-ups, let's kick off this week's review of Tomb Raider with a look at it's official launch trailer.

Lara's back and she's kicking all the ass she can find! Following the hugely successful debut of this new-age Lara Croft, we can look forward to seeing a more emotionally scared protagonist as she deals with the legacy of her family name. This game takes us to the tombs of Syria for some raiding action as we all get another chance to engage with one of the most iconic female gaming characters of all time.


FIRST REVIEW: theRadBrad (a.k.a ‘The Nervous One’)

We've come to adore theRadBrad and his charmingly relatable style of Let's Play commentary. Once again, Brad lets us all just sit and absorb the opening monologue - a video creating style that is so unheard of in YouTube videos that it's uncomfortable to used to the silence. Pausing frequently mind-action to 'appreciate the scenery', Brad speaks the thoughts of everyone watching back at home as they realise just how impressive video game graphics are getting in 2015. This seems to settle the notion that Lara Croft is now at the forefront of the new digital age.


SECOND REVIEW: OliWhiteGames (a.k.a ‘Deeply Impressed’)

*A collective squeal as we all realise Oli has a gaming channel!* If you ever find yourself lacking enough Oli White content, boy do we have some news for you! This 40 minute long gameplay video demonstrates Oli pretty much gushing over how beautiful Tomb Raider is (or maybe he just meant Lara herself...). 'THIS IS SO COOL' is the most important quote you need to take from Mr White's gameplay introduction, and he's definitely not lying.


THIRD REVIEW: DashieGames (a.k.a ‘The Verbal One’)

We've seen the calm gamers on YouTube who play out every second of their interaction with a game - but now it's time for some anarchy. DashieGames takes video game commentary to a whole new level as he responds to the entire opening monologue in hilarious fashion, and then some. One of the greatest things about Dashie's commentary is his stream of consciousness over the top of the action. 'I DON'T KNOW THE XBOX BUTTONS' will slay me to the grave. In everyone's gaming brain, there is a Dashie screaming at the TV.


FOUTH REVIEW: Mini Ladd (a.k.a ‘The Classic Fan’)

Another gamer that speaks what is in everybody's mind - how the hell does Lara survive all of these adventures?! ML makes some important observations about the difficulty level of the game and how unforgiving the timings can be when it comes to escaping near-certain death. As a massive fan of the original franchise, his opinion is crazy trusted on this Tomb Raider review. But if he was to make one thing certain - scorpions are a whirlwind of nope.


FIFTH REVIEW: Zero Punctuation (a.k.a ‘The Vicious One’)

Now, for my favourite creator of all time. This is Zero Punctuation's first time in the round-up, but I have been a fan of his work for many, MANY a year. Short, punchy and ever so bitter, Yahtzee takes on Rise of the Tomb Raider (otherwise known as 'Exertion Noise The Game'). Much metaphor. Many anger. Very humour. Now, for fans of ZP, you know he hates pretty much every game in the world and gives incredibly precise reasons for it. What he hates the most from Lara this time round is her lack of well-zipped up clothing and thin storyline. But for those graphics, not even Yahtzee cares!



POSITIVE: I mean, those graphics, amirite?! Lara Croft seems to overcome the sequel-fears by making a game that is not only ridiculously fun, but emotionally captivating to boot. It plays like butter and rarely suffers from that dreaded frame-rate lag of other games on the Xbox One.

NEGATIVE: It's full of side quests. Literally, full of them. They mean NOTHING to the main game other than unlocking that glorious 100% achievement thing some people go for. So essentially you pay a lot of money for content you barely even want to interact with.

Final Score: She may pant all the way through the game, but the game functions very well for the sheer size of it's content. Just, don't take notes on the voice acting - it's not that great...